MESC-UAE commercial production to kick off by the end of the second quarter of 2010

With over AED170 Million as an investment, MESC-UAE the Groups’ biggest manufacturing site, demonstrates the competitive strength of this site and gives a further boost to MESC Group products and to the economic growth of the region. It’s considered as the supporting continuous strong growth plan of the Group in the coming years due to the growing usage and demand of cables in the region.

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Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) powering the growth of the Oil and Gas industry in the MENA region

The outstanding financial performance of the first quarter of 2008 which exceeded 718 M Saudi Riyals is a great example of the phenomenal evolution made by the company and is a vital sign of its status among the world’s leaders in the cables industry. The figures demonstrate healthy growth and successful plans implemented by the company and understanding the industry and its needs are the main factors that make the difference, said Hashem Al Huneidi, CEO of MESC.
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Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) Company Information

Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) is the manufacturer of industrial, Instrumentation and process control cables in addition to many other types of cables that are manufactured to international standards tested and certified by worldwide prestigious institutions. It is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified for all its activities right from the selection of raw material suppliers, schedule planning, production, testing up to the delivery of the cables.

Started as a common local manufacturing company in 1993 in line with the development and growth of the Oil & Gas Industry and built its factory in the Industrial Area of Riyadh- KSA. It knew along the years how to evolve to the structure of an international one, imposing its presence day after day on the international markets as one of the most reputed brand names in the Middle Eastern Cables industry to expand after that and have regional offices that cover the Middle East, GCC and North Africa Markets. It has presence in 17 countries and commercial activities throughout the world.

The massive growth Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) has achieved since its inception has exceeded all expectations and visions to hold nowadays a major share of the KSA market and an acceptable percentage share in the GCC and Middle East countries It has embarked in significant capacity expansions to increase its capacity and manpower.

In 2003 it acquired the control shares of JNC Cable Company in order to complete its products range of Low Voltage Power Cables as the company spread heads its strategic vision to be come at the heart of every project and its aim has been to target productivity and quality improvements that will give optimum benefits to customers through out the region, in terms of price and quality, and ensure they meet the most demanding specifications of customers worldwide.

It doesn’t stop here! In May 2007 MESC ventured into the production of Medium Voltage Power Cables by establishing a joint venture with Fujikura Company; one of Japan’s top leaders cables manufacturers. MESC Fujikura Cable Company for Low and Medium Voltage Power Cables is expected to start its commercial production by the third quarter of 2008 and the production facilities will be set on an area of 150,000 m2 in Mafraq Free Economic Zone in Amman – Jordan.

Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) continues to enhance its strategic position within the industry securing major orders both regionally and internationally. It is becoming one of the most active companies worldwide with an increasing presence in many international markets and adhering to high standards of quality and reliability.