Milan, 26 September 2007 – Prysmian Cables & Systems, a world leader in the energy and telecommunications cables and systems industry, has been awarded a contract  for the design, supply and construction of a high voltage DC submarine link between the electricity grids of the Iberian peninsula and the island of Majorca (Balearic archipelago) on behalf of Red Electrica de España (REE).

The entire project, named COMETA (COnección MEditerránea Transporte Alta tensión) has been assigned to a consortium between Prysmian and Nexans. The value of the Prysmian portion of the project is worth 118.7 million euro. Working with Nexans, Prysmian will provide a turnkey system including the engineering, production and laying of two 250 kV DC cable terminals, comprising 240km of submarine cable and 7 km of land cable, with a total transmission capacity of 400 MW.

Prysmian will produce and lay one of the two paper insulated high voltage cables and the medium voltage return cable which, together with the cables Nexans is to produce and lay, will form the link between the Sagunto (mainland) and Santa Ponza (island of Majorca) sub-stations.

The COMETA project is of strategic importance for the development of Spain’s national energy transmission network, and will link the biggest island in the Balearic archipelago (Majorca) with the mainland, providing access to generating capacities available on the peninsula. This will help to address growing energy requirements on the island.

Prysmian will install the high voltage submarine cable, the medium voltage return cable and the optical fibre data transmission cable with its own cable-laying ship, Giulio Verne. Given the length of the cable link, the laying process will be split into two stages with the return cable and the optical cable bundles laid first followed by the high voltage cable. Both the submarine and land cables required for the link will be produced by the Italian Arco Felice plant (Naples). The project is scheduled for completion by spring  2011.

PANDUIT Research Predicts Accelerated Adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Applications in 2008

Today in manufacturing news we release a press article from PANDUIT about its latest research paper.  For full article please read on:PANDUIT Research Predicts Accelerated Adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Applications in 2008


PANDUIT, a global supplier of electrical and network solutions, today released its latest research paper, ’Applications driving the adoption of Power over Ethernet’. The paper highlights the benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE), which include significantly reduced installation costs, centralised management of assets and the opportunity to greatly reduce power consumption within a company’s facilities and that these benefits have gained widespread recognition and are driving development of new applications and demand for PoE enabling technologies.


Alan Farrimond, managing director PANDUIT EMEA, commented, “Increased customer demand for PoE solutions indicates that the advantages of the technology are finally receiving the market recognition they deserve. PoE enabled applications currently available include, VoIP telephony, wireless access points and IP surveillance. The availability of new and more advanced PoE applications will further drive market demand. The task of PANDUIT is to continue to enable current and future generations of PoE applications with complete structured cabling infrastructure.”


David Palmer Stevens, PoE Solutions Manager at PANDUIT, said, “Where previously all peripheral network devices needed to be installed within reach of an AC mains outlet, now they don’t. This has hugely simplified installation and removed the need for a layer of additional hardware. These factors have driven out as much as 80% of the cost of installations. With the ability to centrally manage power usage through the IP network and the development of increasingly power efficient devices, the ongoing cost savings in terms of electricity bills could reach as much 94% for some devices within the next 15 months.”


“Applications are being further developed to take better advantage of this and the next generation PoE standards, which will raise available wattage from 15W to 30W. New applications include thin client computers with low-energy white LED screens. With regular PCs drawing in the region of 350W and these low energy PCs predicted to draw just 20W, we expect their commercial availability in 2008 to further accelerate adoption of PoE. Other areas of PoE application innovation include, motorised network cameras, IP telephony videophones, RFID readers and access-control systems.”


With over 60,000 electrical and network products in its portfolio, including a full range of PoE structured cabling solutions, and 10% of revenue invested into R&D, PANDUIT is well placed to support this and next generation applications.


PANDUIT has made the white paper available here:


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PANDUIT is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. For more than 50 years, PANDUIT has engineered and manufactured end-to-end solutions that assist our customers in the deployment of the latest technologies. Our global expertise and strong industry relationships make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions and unmatched service.

Through our commitment to innovation, quality and service, PANDUIT creates competitive advantages to earn customer preference

Borealis opens new sales office in Mexico to serve the local wire and cable market

Today in manufacturing news we feature a press article from Borealis an dhow they are opening a new sales office in Mexico.  For full press details please read on:

Borealis opens new sales office in Mexico to serve the local wire and cable market

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, has opened a new sales office in Mexico City. This new office reflects Borealis’ commitment to serve the wire and cable market in Mexico better by combining innovative product offering with high quality local sales and technical support. With a growing economy and increasingly young population, the Mexican government is currently investing in infrastructure networks for power and communication services. Hans Christian Ambjerg, Vice President Borealis Business Unit Wire and Cable, comments: “Borealis aims to create innovative solutions that bring real value to the customer. By opening an office in Mexico, we will strengthen our sales and service network and we will improve our ability to meet and understand the needs of our local customers better.” Borealis, the world leader in this market segment, offers a wide range of innovative solutions for the wire and cable market. Applications include high, medium and low voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, building and automotive wires, and data and communication cables.

Lapp´s OLFLEX cable range gets international approval

Today in our manufacturing news we feature a press release from the global giant Lapp and their annoucement about their international approval for OLFLEX connection and control cable.  For full press details please read on:

Lapp´s OLFLEX cable range gets international approval


Leading cable solutions provider, Lapp Group announces achievement of a wide range of international approvals for its ÖLFLEX® connection and control cables. The ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 130 H now has UL AWM certification for use in USA and Canada and fire testing approval to VW-1.


The ÖLFLEX CONTROL M and TM machinery installation cables, are MTW-listed (Machine Tool Wire) and hence are now approved for the North American market. AWG conductors adapted to metric sizes also allow CE-conformity for use in Europe. The cable has also been NOM-listed (Norma Oficial Mexicana) for Mexico.


Several Lapp cables have been certified for the Chinese market: The ÖLFLEX 140 control cable with increased oil resistance and the internationally approved ÖLFLEX 150 QUATTRO control cable with its screened variants 140 CY and 150 CY QUATTRO, now also have the important China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Applications include machine and plant construction, machine tools, conveyor units, conveyor belts and assembly lines.


Matt Ansell, Marketing manager of Lapp Group comments, “Lapp Group is a global business and international approvals are increasingly important to our customers involved in export projects. These approvals mean that specifying a Lapp cable in any industrial system ensures worldwide support and global logistics.”

Africa´s investments in undersea cable hit US$1.4 billion

Today in manufacturing news we feature a press release about the continued investment by Africa in it’s undersea cable.  For full press details please read on:

Africa´s investments in undersea cable hit US$1.4 billion


Investments by African firms in undersea telecoms transmission cables have reached a total just over $1.4 billion.The new figure was reached following the announcement by a Nigerian firm, Mainstreet Technologies, that it would build its own undersea cable at a cost of $300 million.The project is conceived as a rival to SAT-3, a transatlantic transmission system sponsored mainly by telecoms firms led by Telkom of South Africa. The latest project, called MaIN OnE, is coming on the heels of four others, namely Glo-1, which is estimated to cost $150mn; the East African Submarine System, $200mn; and the East African Marine System, $150mn. However, the $600 million investment in the SAT-3 fiber optic cable that runs from Portugal to South Africa, and moves out across the Indian Ocean to Asia, is still the highest so far in the continent.

Talisman Energy produces first oil from Duart field in North Sea

 Today in project news we feature a press article from Talisman who have started to production from its Duart Field in teh North Sea two months ahead of schedule.  For full press details please read on:

Talisman Energy produces first oil from Duart field in North Sea


Talisman Energy Inc., a major Canadian-based international oil operator, says it has begun production from its Duart field in the North Sea about two months ahead of schedule. Talisman said Friday initial production rates are expected to surpass 6,000 barrels of oil a day from the field, discovered in 1988 and located 186 kilometres northeast of Aberdeen, Scotland. The field is about eight kilometres from the Tartan production platform and oil will be shipped by tanker to market using the Flotta export system. “The field is an integral part of Talisman’s plans to prolong the life of both the Tartan platform and the Flotta export system,” the Calgary company said in a release. Talisman’s British unit operates the Duart field and has a 50 per cent stake in the project, with the remaining 50 per cent owned by a subsidiary of Nexen, also of Calgary.


Talisman Energy has natural gas operations in Canada and oil and gas businesses in the North Sea, Southeast Asia, Australia, North Africa, the United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

Prysmian News – Prysmian Secures New Major Energy Cable Contracts in USA

Today we released another press article from Prysmian, who are announcing two new major project awards in the USA.  For full press details please read on:


Prysmian Secures New Major Energy Cable Contracts in USA

Two Major High Voltage Cable Projects in Connecticut

A Five Year Medium Voltage Cable Contract with IRBY Electric in New Mexico

Milan, 20 September 2007 – Prysmian Cables & Systems, a world leader in the energy and telecommunications cables and systems industry, has been awarded new major energy cable contracts in USA, strengthening its  leading position in the North American energy cables’ market, particularly in the high voltage segment. In 2006 North America represented 17% of the total Prysmian group’s sales, amounting to over 5 billion euro. Prysmian can rely on four production plants in North America, two in the USA (Abbeville and Lexington) and two in Canada (St. Jean and Prescott).  

Two major Underground High Voltage Cables projects in Connecticut The Northeast Utilities Service Company has awarded Prysmian The Glenbrook Cables/Middletown-Norwalk 115kV underground high voltage cable project that requires in excess of 17 miles of XLPE insulated cable.  The United Illuminating Company and Northeast Utilities Services Company have each awarded Prysmian contracts to furnish, design and install part of the 24-mile Middletown-Norwalk 345kV project, a joint effort of the two Connecticut utility companies to construct the largest XLPE installation of its class in North America.  With these new assignments Prysmian will strengthen its relationship with two of the preeminent utilities in North America taking a major role in the construction of the new High Voltage transmission network in Connecticut. Prysmian’s North American High Voltage Systems installation group will oversee installation and engineering services for the projects. The company plans to use its affiliate’s manufacturing expertise to provide cable from state-of-the-art facilities in Gron, France and Pikkala, Finland. Prysmian’s affiliates in the Netherlands and Italy will provide cable accessories. 

A 33.5 million dollar Medium Voltage Cable contract in New Mexico

A 33.5 million dollar contract has been signed with Irby Electric, a Sonepar Company for PNM Resources, for the supply of the Medium Voltage Cable to Public Service of New Mexico and Texas – New Mexico Power Company. This is a five year Medium Voltage Cable contract with PNM including a state of the art, internet based cable management program. This contract reinforces Prysmian’s geographic position in the New Mexico area and expands the existing product portfolio with PNM Resources. PNM is the New Mexico’s largest electricity and natural gas provider, serving nearly 487,000 electricity customers and 490,000 natural gas customers in approximately 100 communities state-wide and also selling electricity on the wholesale market.  


A leading player in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunication, the Prysmian Group is a truly global company with sales exceeding 5 billion euro in 2006 and a strong position in higher-added value market segments. With its two business, Energy Cables & Systems (submarine and underground cables for power transmission and distribution, for industrial applications and for the distribution of electricity to residential and commercial buildings) and Telecom Cables & Systems (optical cables and fibres and copper cables for video, data and voice transmission), Prysmian boasts a global presence with subsidiaries in 35 countries, 55 plants in 21 countries, 7 Research & Development Centres in Europe, USA and South America, and over 12,000 employees. Specialising in the development of products and systems designed to meet clients’ specific requirements, Prysmian’s key strengths include: a focus on Research & Development, the capacity to innovative on products and production processes, and the use of advanced proprietary technologies. Prysmian is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange Blue Chip index. 

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Nexans to supply subsea medium voltage cables for Denmarks Horns Rev 2 windfarm

Today in our Manufacturing News we feature a press release from Nexans and about them supplying 70km of MV subsea power cables for DONG Energy’s Danish Offshore wind farms .   

Nexans to supply subsea medium voltage cables for Denmarks Horns Rev 2 windfarm


Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has recently signed a contract with DONG Energy A/S, Denmarks largest energy supplier founded in 2006 by merging six Danish power utilities, to supply a total of 70 km of medium-voltage (MV) subsea power cables for the Danish offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2 to be constructed over the next two years. The cables will interconnect the wind turbines with each other, as well as with the central offshore transformer station, and will be laid in water depths of between 9 and 18 m. In addition to the subsea MV cables in three different diameters, Nexans will also provide power accessories and installation services.


Cables and accessories will be manufactured in the Nexans plants based in Hanover (Germany) and Halden (Norway). Deliveries should start in April 2008, while the installation work should begin in June 2008. The project is scheduled for completion by summer 2009.


DONG Energy awarded this extensive project to Nexans following the positive experience with the Horns Rev 1 project, for which Nexans supplied and installed all the subsea power cables. For Horns Rev 2, as in the previous project, the Nexans Group also supply the high-voltage (HV) subsea cable to connect the wind farm with the Danish onshore power grid (cf. press release distributed in December 2006). When complete, Horns Rev 2 will comprise a total of 91 wind turbines arranged in 13 rows each with seven turbines. Each turbine will supply 2.3 MW, and the total installed output will equal approximately 210 MW.


This corresponds roughly to the amount of electricity consumed by 230,000 typical German households (three people). Horns Rev 2 will therefore offer an extra 25 per cent of power compared with its neighbour, Horns Rev 1, located approximately 11 km away.


The new wind farm is located on a sandbank approximately 27 km from the west coast of Denmark and stretches a further 14 km out into the sea.

E.ON looking to expand in Russia with US$5.7 billion OGK-4 takeover

Today in our project news we feature a press article about E.ON who are looking to expand further into the Russian Electric Market, with a US$5.7 billion takeover of OGK-4.  For full press details please read on:  

E.ON looking to expand in Russia with US$5.7 billion OGK-4 takeover


The purchase of electricity company OGK-4 shows that German group E.ON is keen to become a major actor in the growing Russian market, in the midst of major reforms.


E.ON, the biggest German energy company, is to spend 4.1 billion euros (5.7 billion dollars) for 70 percent of the shares in OGK-4, one of several power companies that Russia has decided to privatise.


“It’s the biggest investment in the history of the Russian electric sector,” Anatoly Chubais, chairman of the Russian electricity monopoly UES said Saturday.


Investors in Frankfurt welcomed the deal, and E.ON shares closed on Monday at 126.73 euros for a gain of 0.72 percent, while the DAX index of leading shares lost 0.24 percent overall.


The price could nonetheless climb to 4.6 billion euros because the German group must now make an offer for outstanding shares in OGK-4, E.ON boss Wulf Bernotat said.


His company holds sufficient funds however, and could envisage other Russian acquisitions as well, Bernotat said.


“We are going to watch the process, analyse and then take decisions,” he told reporters in reference to the energy sector privatisation now underway in Russia.


OGK-4 was one of six electricity generating companies created as part of a wide-ranging reform of the Russian electricity sector that is breaking up the monopoly held by UES.


E.ON also bid on OGK-5 but it was bought by the Italian energy group Enel.


E.ON has already agreed to a tie-up with Russian gas behemoth Gazprom to exploit a gas field in western Siberia that has estimated reserves of 700 billion cubic meters.


E.ON turned towards Russia after its bid for the Spanish electric group Endesa was spurned by Spanish authorities and the company was bought by Acciona of Spain together with Enel.


E.ON was left with a warchest of around 6.0 billion euros which it said it would invest in Russia and Turkey.


OGK-4 operates five power stations in Russia and accounts for around 3.9 percent of the country’s total installed generation capacity.


Moscow plans to retain a 23-percent stake in the company through state-owned UES.


“With growth of around 5.0 percent a year, the Russian electricity market is one of the biggest and most dynamic in the world,” Bernotat said.


But developing that potential will also require investments of more than 120 billion dollars over the next two-three years, the German group has estimated.

Prysmian S.p.A, First Half 2007 Results – Record Growth in Profitability and Cash Flow – Net Income Almost Doubled (+97.5%)

We are pleased to release a Prysmian Release about First Half 2007 Results, and the very impressive figures generated by the end of the second quarter.  The introduction to the press release is below 

Milan, 11 September 2007 – The Board of Directors of Prysmian S.p.A., a worldwide leading group in the energy and telecommunications cables industry, approved today its financial results for H1 2007.  

“The first half 2007 results continue to demonstrate Prysmian’s ability to combine business growth and close attention to profitability, confirming the effectiveness of its strategy of focusing on high added-value segments and strengthening its presence in countries with high prospects of growth and profitability,” stated Chief Executive Officer Valerio Battista. “In line with our strategy, in the last few months, we have carried out two new acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific area: Nicco Cables in India and International Wire & Cable in New Zealand, which demonstrate our ability to take advantage of new development opportunities. Based on the excellent results achieved in the first half, we expect to confirm a solid trend of organic sales growth also in the second half of the year, targeting an adjusted EBITDA well in excess of €500 million for the full year 2007”.  


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