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La Farga Group sets up a new company to produce Electrolytic Copper Rods

La Farga Rod, which will start business next year, is expected to have a turnover of €350 million in its first financial year. La Farga Group is a family-owned holding company that will celebrate its 200th anniversary next year. This coming January it will start producing electrolytic copper rods with an installed capacity of 180,000 tonnes per year, through the new company La Farga Rod. This will join the other group companies: La Farga Lacambra, which manufactures and markets semi-finished copper products from recycled materials, and La Farga Tub, which produces and markets copper piping. In the words of the group’s CEO, Oriol Guixà “This heavy industrial investment by our group consolidates the company’s position through diversification and adds new value to the copper sector”


The holding company has invested €12 million to get the new company up and running. This money has been invested in a new 21,462 m² plant (2,564 m² gross floor area) built alongside the group’s other plants in Les Masíes de Voltregà (Barcelona) and in machinery supplied by the Italian company Continuus Properzi using the latest technology. It will have the capacity to produce 25 tonnes of copper rods per hour. The new company will sell its products in the Spanish market, the south of Europe and North Africa, will create 25 new jobs and is expected to end its first financial year with turnover of €350 million, rising to €500 million in 2009.


La Farga Rod has been set up in response to the opportunity to take advantage of the synergies with other group companies and target new market segments by producing electrolytic copper rods. The company will use copper cathode from mines such as Chuquicamata in Chile, Las Cruces in Spain and Grasberg in Indonesia, and a foundry in Huelva, among others. This type of copper rod has different features to the secondary copper produced by recycling, which allows the company to serve markets such as enamelled wire, thin wire and extra-thin wire, which require a more purified kind of copper.


In addition to the capital invested in the new company, in 2007, La Farga Group invested a further €10 million in the companies it controls. It invested €7 million in La Farga Tub for new machinery that makes it more competitive, improves quality and diversifies the type of products made, plus a new plant with greatly improved material delivery, packaging and dispatch. The remaining €3 million was invested in the environment and to expand production capacity and innovation in the development of new materials used in the high-speed railway industry by La Farga Lacambra. “Our group, which is now 200 years old, is consolidating its leading position in the sector of semi-finished copper goods, in continuous rod casting, and in drawing and cord at European level,” said Oriol Guixà.


The group’s facilities will cover a surface area of 124,000 m², with 275 direct employees. It is expected to end this financial year with overall turnover of €500 million, €400 million from La Farga Lacambra and €100 million from La Farga Tub. The company forecasts a rise in its turnover in 2008 to €850 million, once the third company in the group has completed its first year of operation.


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MESC Converted from a Liability to a Joint Stock Company

Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) was established as a Saudi limited liability company under a commercial registration No. 1010102402 dated 4/11/1992. The MESC Company was converted into a joint stock company under Ministerial decision No. (195/Q) dated 4/8/2007, capital (320,000,000) three hundred and twenty million Saudi Riyals divided into (32) thirty two million stocks, nominal value (10) ten Saudi Riyals per stock (referred hereinafter as “stocks”).

In less than 15 years Middle East Specialized Cable Company (MESC) was able to create the history of the cables industry in the region, and give it a new identity, said Hashem Al Huneidi, the CEO of MESC.

From a local into a regional cable manufacturing company with an objective to become globally, .the company’s expansion plans never stop. After achieving seven consecutive capacity expansions, acquiring the shares of JNC Cables in Jordan, establishing in 2007 a joint venture with Fujikura of Japan “MESC – Fujikura Cable Company for medium voltage power cables, the company has taken a major step down the road of conversion into a joint stock company by listing 9.6 million shares of the total 32 million shares that represents only 30% of the company’s shares, he added.

Middle East Specialized Cable Company (MESC) with an access to the public capital markets and facilitate future fund raising through a second offering to fund its anticipated future growth. A public listing will enhance its market position as a dominant player in the cables industry and will highlighted the advantage its regional presence provides to the clients from its offices in KSA, Dubai and Amman.

Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) and its subsidiaries: JNC Cables and MESC – Fujikura Cable Company offer an extensive range of cables and address a series of market segments from energy, oil & gas, power plants, petrochemical plants, to infrastructure, telecom and building markets. Its reputation has actually crossed the frontiers of this region whereby the companies today enjoy presence and has commercial activities in more than 11 countries throughout the world.

The company is considered as a momentous mark in the history of the cables manufacturer due to the enormous growth it has achieved in different sectors.

The company has been witnessing an enormous growth in different sectors and playing an integral role in the cables industry in the region by supplying its cables to mega projects not only in the region but as well to the world’s largest refinery “Jamnagar” in India.

MESC Specialized Cables continues to enhance its strategic position within the industry securing major orders both regionally and internationally. It is becoming one of the most active companies worldwide with an increasing presence in many international markets and adhering to high standards of quality and reliability.

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Nexans extends utility cable and wire contract with Manitoba Hydro in Canada

Nexans will provide around 21 million euros of power cable over the next four years, extending original 5-year contract valued at around 26 million euros

Paris, November 6, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has signed a four-year contract extension, valued at around 21 million euros ($32 million CAD), with Manitoba Hydro, the electric power and natural gas utility for the Canadian province.

The agreement further extends a long relationship between Manitoba Hydro and Nexans in Canada, established in 2001, when Nexans was selected as its sole supplier for all utility cables and wires.

Nexans currently provides Manitoba Hydro with 41 different cables, wires and accessories used by the overhead and underground power distribution network throughout the province, including medium voltage and low voltage cables, and bare aluminum and ACSR (aluminium conductor steel reinforced) wires.

In addition to its cable and wire products, Nexans also provides a team of commercial and technical representatives to supervise installation and participate in joint continuous improvement objectives.

Dr. Gordon Thursfield, Nexans Executive Vice President North America Area, said “In 2001, we advanced through Manitoba Hydro’s RFP (Request for Proposal) vendor selection process to become the single source supplier for all its distribution wire and cable needs. This sole supplier contract has proved beneficial to Manitoba Hydro because we have continually improved customer service levels while decreasing costs and maintaining quality”.

The wire and cable products to be delivered over the next four years will be manufactured locally in the Nexans Weyburn plant in southeastern Saskatchewan.

About Nexans

With energy cables as its core, Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, offers an extensive range of cables (copper, aluminum and optical fiber) and cabling systems. The Group’s strategy is focused on infrastructure, industrial and building markets. Nexans develops solutions for industry sectors such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, nuclear, automotive, electronics, aeronautics, handling and automation and includes an offering dedicated to public and private (local area) telecommunications networks.

With an industrial presence in more than 30 countries and commercial activities worldwide, Nexans employs 21,000 people and had sales in 2006 of 7.5 billion euros. Nexans is listed on the Paris stock exchange, compartment A of the Eurolist of Euronext. More information on

About Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is a provincial Crown Corporation, providing electricity to 516,000 customers throughout the province and natural gas service to 260,000 customers in various communities. The corporation exports electricity to 30 electric utilities through its participation in four wholesale markets in Canada and the mid-western United States. In addition, the utility aggressively promotes energy conservation and savings through its many Power Smart programs.

PANDUIT to Launch Net-Access server cabinet at Data Centre Dynamics 2007

PANDUIT, a global supplier of network and cabling infrastructure, today announced that the launch of its Net-Access Server Cabinet is to take place at Data Centre Dynamics, London, 12-13 November 2007. PANDUIT will demonstrate the Net-Access Server Cabinet and provide expert guidance on structured cabling within the data centre at its stand in the exhibition area. 

The Net-Access Server Cabinet is complementary to the Net-Access Switch Cabinet, launched earlier in 2007. Both products are designed to manage, protect, and showcase cabling and equipment by providing open-rack accessibility with the aesthetics and security of a cabinet. The innovative cable management design of the Net-Access range organises power and data cables through vertically mounted patch panels and power outlet units, thereby reducing patch cord slack, improving airflow, and enhancing network reliability. 

The scalable thermal management design of the Net-Access Server Cabinet and Switch Cabinet provides a migration path from initial power and thermal requirements to future higher heat densities. As a result, a data centre manager’s investment in PANDUIT technology enables reduced real estate and operational costs over the life of the data centre facility. 

Geraint Davies of NSCGlobal is presenting a PANDUIT sponsored seminar (Hall 2, 11:55 – 12:35 on 13th November) on the Ecological Datacentre Project (EcoDC). The aim of EcoDC, in which PANDUIT is a key partner, is to accelerate the design and delivery of a new generation of energy and cost efficient data centres.

As data centres become the focal point of technology investments and IT processing power, PANDUIT continues to deliver comprehensive solutions that address these requirements. To learn more about PANDUIT visit its stand in the exhibition area, where PANDUIT will be displaying its latest data centre and network solutions.

About PANDUIT: PANDUIT is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. For more than 50 years, PANDUIT has engineered and manufactured end-to-end solutions that assist our customers in the deployment of the latest technologies. Our global expertise and strong industry relationships make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions and unmatched service.Through our commitment to innovation, quality and service, PANDUIT creates competitive advantages to earn customer preference.

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PANDUIT to present on latest Converged IP infrastructure Developments at IP´07

PANDUIT, a global supplier of electrical and network infrastructure solutions, today announced it will present on both days of IP’07, London, 16-17 October 2007, to provide expert guidance on the latest structured cabling developments within the data centre and across the network. PANDUIT, which is sponsoring the Data Centre and Hosted Services Theatre, will highlight the applications and benefits of Zone Cabling Infrastructure and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to visitors.


Brett Swett, business development manager at PANDUIT will present on the benefits of a Zone Cabling Infrastructure, “Connecting multiple communication systems to the IP network in distributed zones, provides

organisations with a far more logical, simple and more flexible infrastructure than traditional cabling topologies. Zone cabling reduces overall infrastructure costs by as much as 30% and greatly enhances

long-term cable management. By highlighting the benefits to visitors with examples of real-world applications, PANDUIT will explain why zone networking is fast gaining ground in open office environments, data centres and intelligent buildings.”


Nick Taylor, pre-sales manager at PANDUIT will present on the company’s recent research into the developing PoE market, “To date, PoE has been most widely deployed for VoIP and wireless networking. However, many other applications are being readied for commercial launch that will drive market demand for the technology. There are a number of ways to achieve mass

deployment of PoE. PANDUIT is a leader in delivering the structured cabling systems required to support PoE and therefore is well placed to communicate the benefits of the technology to IP¹07 visitors.”


Cisco, as a guest of PANDUIT, will also present, reviewing the framework required to create a strategic business function through converging information, communication and building technologies enabling real estate and IT services to collectively provide the greatest possible value to the core business.


To learn more about PANDUIT at the event visit stand 160, where PANDUIT will be displaying its latest data centre and enterprise solutions.


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PANDUIT is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. For more than 50 years, PANDUIT has engineered and manufactured end-to-end solutions that assist our customers in the deployment of the latest technologies. Our global expertise and strong industry relationships make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner

dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions and unmatched service. Through our commitment to innovation, quality and service, PANDUIT creates competitive advantages to earn customer preference.

Fujitsu bags FLAG´s $1.5 billion cable project

Today in our manufacturing news we feature a press release from the Japanese cable giant, Fujitsu, who have been awarded a huge subsea cable project award.  For full press details please read on:

Fujitsu bags FLAG´s $1.5 billion cable project


Flag Telecom, the undersea cable arm of Reliance Communications (RCOM), has awarded Japan’s Fujitsu a $1.5-billion turnkey contract for construction of a next generation network (NGN) submarine cable. Others in the race for the mega contract were US-based Tyco Telecommunications, equipment vendor Alcatel and Japan-based NEC Corp, sources told ET.


NGN implies a consolidation of several transport networks, each built for a different service, into one core transport network based on internet protocol. It is one network that transports all information and services like voice, data and video by encapsulating these into packets like it is on the internet.


The NGN cable will involve construction of four new cable systems across the Mediterranean, East Africa, Asia and Pacific region. Upon completion, it will nearly double the length of existing FLAG global network from 65,000 km to 115,000 km and will expand the reach to connect 60 countries.


The project to build what is touted as the world’s largest IP network over submarine cable systems is expected to be completed by 2009-10. It will create capacity to carry 2.5 billion simultaneous voice calls, 300 million simultaneous web chats and 52 million simultaneous video chats.


FLAG NGN is expected to deliver the platform to meet the datacom requirements of over 200 international telecom, content and internet service provider customers of FLAG, 1,000 enterprise customers of recently-acquired Yipes and 850 out of 1,000 corporates in India through Reliance Communications.


It will also accelerate RCOM’s entry into the $90 billion global market for enterprise and institutional data services, an aim with which it also acquired Yipes last month.


The acquisition of US-based Yipes, a provider of managed Ethernet and application delivery, was a step in RCOM’s plan to move up the value chain and closer to its customers in the global data business. Yipes will operate as a strategic business unit, fully integrated strategically and operationally within FLAG Telecom.

Aggreko Becomes Temporary Power and Temperature Control Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Today in our manufacturing news we feature a press release from Aggreko who are now the official supplier of Temporary Power at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  For full press article please read on:

Aggreko Becomes Temporary Power and Temperature Control Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) and Aggreko Plc announced today that Aggreko was named as the Temporary Power and Temperature Control Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. 

According to agreement between BOCOG and Aggreko, Aggreko will provide the Beijing Olympic Games with temporary energy generation and delivery systems, temperature control systems, and related maintenance and repair services, and will receive certain marketing rights.

Having signed the Exclusive Supplier Agreement, BOCOG and Aggreko are now negotiating a contract under which Aggreko would install the temporary power to support the Beijing Olympic Games.

Mrs Yuan Bin, Director of the Marketing Department of BOCOG, outlined “Temporary power is critical to the success of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and Aggreko has an outstanding reputation for technical expertise, service and the reliability of its equipment.” “We believe that with the strong support of Aggreko, the Beijing Games’ need of temporary power and temperature control will be fully met.” Yuan added.

Rupert Soames, Chief Executive of Aggreko, said “we are delighted and proud to have been selected by BOCOG as its temporary power and temperature control exclusive supplier.  Aggreko has been a supplier of temporary power to many of the world’s largest sporting events for many years, including the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Atlanta, and other major international events.”  

Note to Editors:
Aggreko plc is the global leader in the rental of power, temperature control and oil-free compressed air systems. Aggreko help customers in many different industries to improve and safeguard their operations by solving problems, creating opportunities and reducing risk.  Aggreko provides 24/7 availability and service support with more than 2,500 employees operating from over 100 locations in 29 countries.  In 2006, Aggreko served customers in 90 countries, and had revenues of approximately £540m.  Aggreko plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AGK.L) and headquartered in Scotland.

Prysmian News – Prysmian hands over the new power submarine cable linking

 Today in manufacturing news we feature a press release from one of our MUlti Media Partners, Prysmian, who have just installed the first ever 500Kv Submarine Cable ever installed worldwide linking New Jersey and Long Island.  For full press release please read on:  

Prysmian hands over the new power submarine cable linking New Jersey and Long Island, New york 

The Neptune power transmission interconnector is the first 500Kv submarine cable ever installed worldwide. A milestone project in the US power industry, is now in operation and started providing low cost energy to 600,000 houses. 

Milan, July 2, 2007Prysmian Cables & Systems, a worldwide leading player in the cable industry, handed over the Neptune submarine transmission cable between New Jersey and Long Island. Implemented by a consortium of Prysmian and Siemens, the link is now operational after a successful trial period for the benefit of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and its ratepayers. Expected to be finalized at the end of July 2007, the project has been completed in advance in order to face the growing demand of energy during the Summer period. Thanks to the Neptune interconnection, LIPA can now acquire lower-cost energy in time for the peak summer season, when demand for electricity is highest, meeting the needs of about 600,000 average-sized homes. Moreover, the project provides much-needed electric power and transmission infrastructure to densely populated areas in a cost-effective and sustainable way.  The Neptune cable was produced in the Italian plant in Arco Felice (Naples) and installed by the Giulio Verne, one of the few high-capacity cable-laying vessels in the world. Designed to carry a rated power of 660 megawatts and not less than 750 MW in exceptional overload, the cable covers a distance of 65 miles. Neptune is the first 500Kv submarine cable ever installed worldwide. The consortium of Prysmian and Siemens was awarded for the design, delivery and installation of the direct-current voltage link between New Jersey and Long Island by Neptune Regional Transmission System in 2005. Neptune Regional Transmission System is a developer, owner and operator of the Neptune HVDC transmission project, responsible for its planning, permitting, financing and construction. The total value of the project for Prysmian was in excess of 190 million dollars. Thanks to its ability in developing products and systems designed on the basis of clients’ specific requirements, Prysmian was also in charge of installing 20 kilometers of 345Kv high voltage terrestrial cables at Long Island, linking the cable to the closest terminal stations.                   

PrysmianThe Prysmian group is a world leader in the energy and telecommunication cables industry, with a strong market position in higher-added value market segments. Organised into two business units, Energy Cables & Systems (submarine and terrestrial cables for electricity transmission and distribution) and Telecom Cables & Systems (optical fibres and cables for video, data and voice transmission, and copper telecom cables), the Prysmian Group has a global presence with subsidiaries in 34 countries, 54 plants in 20 countries, 7 Research & Development Centres in Europe, the United States and South America, and more than 12,000 employees. Specialising in the development of products and systems designed to meet clients’ specific requirements, Prysmian’s main competitive strengths include its focus on research and development, its innovative products and production processes, and the use of advanced proprietary technologies. Prysmian is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange Blue Chip index.                                               

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GE News – GE Unit’s first investment in NY Wind Energy

Today in manufacturing news we feature an interesting press release from GE.  This time its from Energy section which will help boost wind energy capacity in teh New York state.  

GE Unit’s first investment in NY Wind Energy


GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE (NYSE: GE), will help boost wind energy capacity in New York State by more than 70 percent with an investment in three Noble Environmental Power windparks that will generate 282 megawatts in Clinton and Wyoming Counties. The GE unit’s first investment in wind energy in New York State will increase the state’s wind energy capacity to 671 megawatts. The projects, located in the towns of Clinton and Ellenburg in Clinton County, and Bliss in Wyoming County, New York, represent a $564 million investment in clean, renewable energy that will bring an estimated $352 million in new revenue to the regional economies over the next 20 years.


GE Energy Financial Services will invest the Class A equity as the non-managing member and Noble Environmental Power, based in Essex, Connecticut will invest the Class B equity as the managing member of the three windparks. In addition to remaining a significant equity investor, Noble will construct, operate and manage the facilities. Delivering power to the NYISO-controlled wholesale power grid, Noble’s windparks in northern and western New York State are expected to begin commercial operation during the fourth quarter of this year. Financial details of the transaction, which is subject to federal and state regulatory approvals, were not disclosed.


The 100.5-megawatt Noble Clinton Windpark, employing 67 GE 1.5-megawatt SLE wind turbines, is located three miles south of the US-Canadian border and 15 miles northwest of Plattsburgh, NY, in the town of Clinton in Clinton County. Also located in Clinton County, the 81-megawatt Noble Ellenburg Windpark uses 54 GE 1.5-megawatt SLE turbines. The 100.5-megawatt Noble Bliss Windpark, which uses 67 GE 1.5-megawatt SLE turbines, is located 30 miles southeast of Buffalo in the town of Eagle in Wyoming County.


“This transaction represents a significant geographic expansion of our wind energy footprint and helps us to reach our goal of investing $4 billion globally in renewable energy by 2010,” said Kevin Walsh, Managing Director and leader of renewable energy at GE Energy Financial Services. “We will continue to invest in high-quality wind projects in new markets that take advantage of strong partnerships with wind energy leaders such as Noble Environmental Power, reinforcing our commitment to ecomagination.” Ecomagination is GE’s initiative to help its customers meet their environmental challenges while expanding its own portfolio of cleaner energy products.


A total of 95 percent of the Renewable Energy Certificates generated by the three projects will be sold under 10-year contracts to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). NYSERDA, a state government agency, purchases the certificates to meet New York’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires that 25 percent of New York’s power come from renewable sources by 2013.


The three windparks will annually produce electricity sufficient to power more than 93,000 average U.S. homes and will avoid nearly 590,000 tons per year in greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel generation.


Charles Hinckley, CEO of Noble Environmental Power, said: “Noble applauds and appreciates GE’s strong commitment to wind energy and considers it a valuable partner. The Noble Clinton, Ellenburg, and Bliss Windparks will make significant environmental and economic contributions: generating clean energy, creating jobs, and providing tax payments to the schools, towns, and counties. These benefits will reach far beyond the communities that host our windparks – creating a cleaner, healthier environment for the State of New York and saving New York ratepayers millions of dollars in electricity costs.”


With this transaction, GE Energy Financial Services has invested or committed to invest equity in 30 windparks and increased the total capacity of its global wind equity holdings to more than 2,000 megawatts.


About Noble Environmental Power


Noble is a leading renewable energy company that is majority owned by JP Morgan Partners, a fund managed by CCMP Capital. Noble was founded in 2004 in response to public policy initiatives designed to foster the increased use of renewable energy sources. Noble is committed to creating environmentally friendly facilities in partnership with local communities. Based in Essex, CT, Noble has offices in Altona, Churubusco, Brandon, Bliss, and Fredonia NY; Ubly, MI, Rutland, VT, and Lancaster, NH. For more information, please visit, or email to