Generator Companies from the UK

Today we show you some of the generator companies in the United Kingdom found through the Electrical Equipment search engine:

kVA Limited 


Airtechnology Group 


Allenwest Wallacetown 


Aries Power Plant Ltd

Atlas Copco

Brimotor Ltd

Carters Of Swanwick Ltd

Chromalox Ltd

Commander Controls Limited

Croxton Power Ltd

E-power Continuity Systems

FG Wilson (engineering) Ltd

FKI Energy Technology

Genco Eec


Interpower International Ltd

Just Generators

LCH Generators

Leedham And Bennison

Newage Avkseg

Power Electrics Ltd

Purdie Metal Spinning

Quantum Offshore Ltd

Stontronics Ltd

Uk Generators Ltd

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Cable Manufacturers and Distributors in France

Today we reveal some of the Cable Manufactures and Distributors we have in the Directory based in France:-


Cablerie Plancher


Draka Fileca


Lapp Muller

Maser Communications (France)


Plancher s.a.s



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UK Cable Gland Manufacturers and Distributors

The Cable Directory features more than just cable manufacturers and distributors.  We cover all products associated with cable accessories.  Below is a list of just some of the companies we feature through our Cable Glands Search in the UK.   

Hawke International 



Batt Cables


Cable Glands UK




International Cable Management


Global Plastics

Remora Electrical Ltd 

A C A Cable Distributors

Cable Installation Components Ltd’s 

Cable Systems Ltd 


Dron And Dickson 

Ellis Patents 

G H Lucas and Co Ltd 

Hylec Components Ltd 

Index Marine 

Shrink Polymer Systems

Thorne And Derrick

Tone Ties Ltd

Wellhead Electrical Supplies Ltd 

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Indian Cable & Wire Manufacturers and Distributors

Today we give you a small glimpse of some of the companies we feature from our Indian Cable and Wire Manufacturers. 

Very Large Number of Cable Producers

The Indian cable industry is highly fragmented with a very large number of cable producers – many hundreds of companies – a larger total than can be found in any other country in the world except China. Many of these Indian companies are small-scale cable producers, the smallest of which are family-run operations with only the most basic of production equipment.  

Larger Indian Cable Producers

At the other end of the scale in the Indian industry are some relatively large cable producers, but even amongst these larger players there are only a small number whose annual sales of insulated wire & cable approach or exceed US$ 100 million. The larger Indian cable producers include Finolex Cables, the Birla Group (including Universal Cables, Vindhya Telelinks and Birla Ericsson Optical), Sterlite Optical Technologies, Havell’s India, Nicco Corp. and KEI Industries. These are all listed companies. Polycab is a large privately-owned cable producer, while Hindustan Cables is a state-owned manufacturer of telecom cables.

This is a major growing sector within the Cable & Wire Industry, in the directory we have key contact details including web-site, telephone, fax and e-mail address’s on all the companies below:  

KEI Industries 

Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd 

Aksh Optifibre Ltd 

CCI Cables Ltd 

Delton Cables 

Icon Cables 

Reliance Cables 

Uniflex Cables 

Aerolex Cables Pvt. Ltd 

Bhawal Insulation And Engineering Ltd 

Bright Cable 

Cable Corporation of India 

Cords Cable 

Daksha Cables Pvt Ltd 

Famcom Rubber Products India Pvt Ltd 

Finolex Cables Limited 

Garg Associates Ltd 

Gemscab Industries Ltd 

Ghaziabad Flopol Insulations Pvt. Ltd 

Karnataka Cable And Metal Industries 

Kma Electricals (p) Ltd 

LC Premium Cables 

National Cables 

Nolex Cables 

Paradise Cables Limited 


Universal Cables 

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German Cable Manufacturers and Distributors

Germany is certainly home of some of the world’s biggest and best cable manufacturers and distributors.  The likes of Corning, Leoni and Lapp Kabel are certainly all global leaders in their respective field.  Please find a list below of some of the companies we feature in the directory.



Baude Kabeltechnik Gmbh

Boger Electronics


Hpm Kabel


Kabel Wachter Gmbh And Co.


Lapp Kabel



Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke Gmbh And Co. Kg  

Sab Brockskes Gmbh And


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Italian Cable Manufacturers and Distributors

Today we head off to the home of the Cable & Wire Industry and reveal some of the Italian Cable Manufacturers and Distributors that we have on board with us in our Cable Product Search Engine:




La Trivineta

Metallurgica Bresciana


Bresciana Contatti


Comfra Cables & Wire

Elettronica Conduttori



Flei S.r.l.

Fumo Communications



Luccables Srl

Mantovani And Serazzi S.p.a.

Plasticavi Italiana

Salcavi Industrie

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Cable Manufacturers and Distributors from Austria

Today we move on to Austria and reveal once again all the cable manufacturers and distributors who are based in Austria on our web-site:  



Elektro Neon Elger Gmbh 

Feller Gmbh 

G3 Electronics Technology  

Gebauer and Griller 

Ifk – Handels Gmbh and Co 

Lendvay Gmbh and Co  

Lico Electronics Gmbh 

Medek and Schorner Gmbh 

Scwechater Kabelwerke



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