US losing Iraq war says Colin Powell

Colin Powell the former US Secretary of State admits that the US troops are losing the war in Iraq.  In the interview to CBS News he goes on to say that sending more troops will not stop the civil war that is happening.  President Bush is currently in the process of coming up with a new strategy, with sending more troops key, however Powell added that due to the overstretch of the US military, there were no additional troops that could be sent.   Full article below

US losing Iraq war says Powell

Former US secretary of state Colin Powell has said overstretched US troops are losing the conflict in Iraq. Powell told CBS News that bolstering troop numbers would be unlikely to reverse the ’grave and deteriorating situation’ in the country.

President Bush is trying to shape a new strategy for Iraq, with officials suggesting more soldiers may be sent.


Powell’s comments come a day before the new defence secretary, Robert Gates, is to be sworn in. During his confirmation hearings, Gates also conceded that the US was not winning in Iraq and faced a ’regional conflagration’ unless the downward spiral was reversed.


The recent Iraq Study Group review said the US strategy of ’staying the course’ was no longer viable and suggested combat troops could be withdrawn by early 2008.

But on Friday, an administration official said up to 25,000 more troops could be deployed in the country to try to help end the violence and make cities like Baghdad more secure.


There are currently 140,000 US troops in Iraq. The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate has backed the reported plan to boost troop levels, but only if it is part of a longer-term strategy.


’If it is for a surge, that is, for two or three months, and if it is part of a programme to get us out of there as indicated by this time next year, then, sure, I’ll go along with it,’ Harry Reid said.


However, Powell told CBS he was not convinced more soldiers on the ground would quell the violence. ’I am not persuaded that another surge of troops into Baghdad for the purposes of suppressing this communitarian violence, this civil war, will work,’ he said. He added that such was the overstretch of the US military, there were no additional troops that could be sent.


’We are losing – we haven’t lost – and this is the time, now to start to put in place the kinds of strategies that will turn this situation around,’ he said.

Prysmian News – Prysmian Cables & Systems wins order to supply 6300 KM of optical cables to Libya

The Cable Industry like any other industry, has major players operating in it and Prysmian just happens to be one of those at the ripe old age of one.   Just over a year ago Prysmian Cables & Systems started, the name acquired from Pirelli Cables after it came under the control of Goldman Sachs Capital Partners in 2005, is a world leader in the energy and telecommunications cables and systems industry, being present in 41 countries in 5 continents, with 54 production plants distributed in 21 countries, more than 12,000 employees and a 2005 turn-over of 3.75 billion Euros.

The following press article is about Prysmian winning an order to supply 6300 KM of optical cables to Libya.  Article in full below: 

Prysmian Cables & Systems has secured a major contract for the supply of 6,300 km of fibre optic cable to Libya. The cable will form the backbone of the new telecommunications network of the national operator LPTIC (Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Company) and will extend into the northern and western areas of the country including also the capital, Tripoli. The cable, supplied through Italian main contractor SIRTI, will be produced at Prysmian’s production facility at Livorno Ferraris in Italy and will contain from 24 to 96 optical fibres, depending on their location within the network. Installation of the cables will be completed in approximately 18 months although the network will continue to evolve as other regions and cities are subsequently reached by fibre. “We are delighted to have secured this prestigious project which confirms the positive signs in the current telecoms market and is a clear indicator of the strategic direction taken by the major operators as we enter the broadband age”, commented Giovanni B. Scotti, director of Prysmian’s global telecom cable and fibre optic business. “Prysmian demonstrates that it owns in Italy leading edge know-how and technologies for the delivery of strategic projects in the telecommunications sector, effectively answering the needs of a continuously evolving market”, also commented Franco Carini, CEO of Prysmian Italy.

KEI Industries Company Information – Leading Indian Cable Manufacturer

Our first Indian Multi Media Partner is KEI Industries.  KEI is a manufacturer of medium MV and LV power, control, instrumentation and specialty cables for the power and industrial sector. The company has established its position as a front runner in this business due to its cost effective, reliable and quality products, reflected in its approval from customers on stringent technical requirements. KEI has invented over the years in building the infrastructure, which ensures that clients receive products fully confirming to their requirements.

KEI has created a large infrastructure by strategically locating its three manufacturing units over a built-up area of 25,000 sq. metres. KEI’s three manufacturing units are located in New Delhi, Bhiwadi (Alwar) and a Silvassa.

To meet the increases demand for its products emanating from the power, industrial, infrastructure and housing and construction sectors, the company has planned a three phase capacity expansion program. The additional Indian plants are for MV range products and the total plant size will be at 42000 sq. metres.

“We at KEI, endeavour to manufacture world class products and continuously strive for 100% customer satisfaction. It is our intention to make our products and brand visible across the globe and perceived as a one stop ship “Cable Company” and a leading international player.”

Company History

KEI Industries were established in 1968 as a Partnership Company and became Public Limited Company in 1993. KEI started with manufacturing of Switch Board Cables for DOT, and then began manufacturing control, instrumentation and thermocouple cables from 1988. In 1993 added manufacturing PVC/XLPE Power cables up to 3.3 KV. During 1994 KEI diversified into Stainless steel drawing in 1994. Due to expansion a second plant was added in 1993, which was relocated to Bhiwadi in 1995 for L.T. Cables. Further expansion saw a third manufacturing facility opened in Silvassa in 2002, and a fourth manufacturing facility set up for M.V. cables at Bhiwadi in 2006 (up to 33kv).

PANDUIT Company Information – Global leader in wiring and communication products

 I would like to introduce you to PANDUIT, TCD’s first multi media partner

Company Information

 PANDUIT™ is a global leader in wiring and communication products, delivering end-to-end solutions in support of demanding electrical and networking requirements. PANDUIT™ solutions are built on a foundation of quality and durability to ensure maximum reliability and performance. PANDUIT™ is continually focused on market needs. Our research and development programme enables PANDUIT™ to provide innovative products that meet the standards for today’s applications and environments. This provides leading-edge solutions that allow businesses to move forward with their strategic objectives.

Quality is at the heart of the PANDUIT™ solution. All PANDUIT™ manufacturing facilities have received ISO registration. PANDUIT™ meets the most comprehensive international standards in design, purchasing, manufacturing; testing, documentation, shipping and service to ensure users have the leading-edge solutions for a wide array of applications. State-of-the-art installation techniques and compliance with the latest standards helps reduce total cost of ownership. Complete system modularity enables efficient maintenance, moves, adds and changes to further lower the total installed cost.

Product Offering

PANDUIT™ products serve many markets including: construction, MRO, OEM, transportation, oil & gas, finance, government, education, healthcare and service providers. Product solutions sets include; cable ties, wiring accessories, insulation, identification, terminals, power connectors, stainless steel products, surface raceway, wiring duct, as well as network connectivity and physical layer management products.

Service, Programmes and Partners

PANDUIT™ recognises that quality goes beyond product. Consistent technical support is provided across the globe to meet specific customer needs and challenges, from pre- to post-installation. Our ‘one-call-does-it-all’ philosophy makes product selection and procurement simpler and ensures successful project deployment. PANDUIT™ also partners with best-in-class companies to provide an integrated solution including distribution, installation, specification and complementary product offerings. System solutions are tested for interoperability, functionality and performance, providing assurance that the entire system will function at an optimum level.

Continued Innovation

PANDUIT™ will continue to focus on solutions for emerging applications. Its commitment to research and development facilitates ongoing growth, which allows Panduit to lead the way with innovative products. 

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Nexans News – Nexans wins a 30 million Euro submarine power cable contract for Denmark’s Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farm

Nexans one of teh leading Cable & Wire Manufacturers is involved in an offshore windfarm project in Denmark.  Part of the project is to install the world’s longest submarine cable at this voltage.  Full article below:

Nexans’ high voltage cable will be used to export 215 MW of power from the wind farm to the mainland grid. Nexans has signed a contract with Danish utility to deliver and install the power export cable for Dong Energy’s Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farm on the west coast of Denmark. This turnkey contract, worth around 30 million Euro, includes the supply of 42 km of AC XLPE 170 kV 3-core power cable including a fibre-optic element, transport, laying and termination. When the cable is installed, in Autumn 2008, it will become the world’s longest XLPE submarine cable at this voltage.


The Horns Rev 2 project will provide a total wind farm capacity of over 215 MW and cover an area of some 35 km2. The project is situated around 23 km north west of Horns Rev 1, which in 2002 was the world’s largest offshore wind farm, with a capacity of 160 MW, and which Nexans also delivered and installed the power export cables for. This time, however, the cable will be twice the previous length.


“We are particularly proud and happy that the Danish utility has selected Nexans to be the turnkey contractor for the Horns Rev 2 project. This project is of strategic importance to Nexans as it represents an additional main turnkey reference that reinforces our strong position in the offshore wind farm market. Following the success of the Horns Rev 1 project in 2002, this new contract proves that a new major utility has complete confidence in Nexans’ capabilities,” said Executive Vice President Europe Area, Yvon Raak.


“The discussions between Nexans and were very open and constructive. This helped us conclude the agreement within a relatively short period of time, and we will definitely maintain this open relationship during the project execution,” said Sales Manager Olivier Angoulevant in Nexans Norway’s Energy Division.


The 170 kV XLPE cable for Horns Rev 2 will be manufactured by Nexans’ specialist submarine power cable factory in Halden, Norway. The wind farm will be commissioned in May 2009.

Nexans News – Nexans has signed a Eur 5 million contract with Azienda Elettrica Ticinese for an interconnection project between Switzerland and Italy

In today’s Manufacturing News, Nexans who are one of the world’s leading Cable Manufacturing Company’s, are about to introduce a 400MW cable interconnection project between Switzerland and Italy. This new 400MW line will be the first of its type in Europe and could have a huge effect across the world.  The cost of upgrading older power plants or building new production facilities is a solution to meet the extra power demands in the world, however it is a very costly one.  ‘Cross-border power infrastructure networks’ are seen as another option to dealing with the distribution of the world’s energy. Full article below  

Nexans has signed a Eur 5 million contract with Azienda Elettrica Ticinese for an interconnection project between Switzerland and Italy


Nexans has signed a Eur 5 million contract with Azienda Elettrica Ticinese (AET), the power company for the Ticino canton in Switzerland, for an interconnection project between Switzerland and Italy. This new 400MW line, of an unprecedented scale in Switzerland, could become the first underground merchant line project completed in Europe. ’The power outage experienced throughout Northern Europe in early November demonstrated once again the ever-increasing needs for cross-border power infrastructure networks’.


’Upgrading older power plants or building new production facilities is a solution to meet demand peaks, but a costly one’.

’Securing power transmission and distribution is an other option for Europe’s energy of tomorrow’.

’This is why Nexans is proud to implement this new project in Europe and is determined to further its commitment to power companies’, said Yvon Raak, Nexans’ Executive Vice President Europe Area.

As part of this project, Nexans will provide a comprehensive turnkey solution, including 27km of high voltage (380kV) XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) power cables.

The 9km link between the towns of Mendrisio in Switzerland and Cagno in Italy will be divided into 15 sections.


For this project, Nexans will also supply 14 junction chambers, with three premoulded joints each, as well as all necessary connecting and grounding components.

Since late 2005, Nexans has been supporting AET during all preliminary stages, including installation mode optimisation, civil engineering consulting, thermal and mechanical calculations, and route validation.


The interconnection, which was approved by the Swiss Federal Council in June 2004, is included in Switzerland’s power transmission master plan. This project is undertaken in partnership with Italy’s railway company Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM), as most of the section installed in Italy will run along a former railway track owned by FNM.


Among about 50 interconnections currently considered between France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, the Switzerland-Italy link could become the first underground merchant line project actually started in Europe. Currently, the homologation process to make this high voltage link a merchant line is still continuing on both sides of the border.


Merchant lines are deregulated high voltage lines used to complement power transmission networks between neighbouring countries.

Unlike traditional high voltage line operators, merchant line operators are not required to provide power companies with nondiscriminatory access to the network.

Currently, the merchant lines in operation in Scandinavia are submarine lines.

However, according to analysts, significant amounts will be invested in underground merchant lines during the forthcoming years, after full liberalisation of the energy market in the European Union and Switzerland.


The high voltage cables will be manufactured by Nexans’ Cortaillod plant in Switzerland.All the accessories will be manufactured in Switzerland too, in Nexans’ Cossonay plant. The first cables are scheduled to be installed in February 2007, and the line will enter operation by the end of 2007.