Interview with Karl Zimmer, Vice President of Supply Chain & Sourcing, North America, for General Cable

Why the interest in Lean?

Lean—often referred to as Lean Manufacturing—while applicable within the four walls of a plant, is also a powerful philosophy that can be applied across many other areas within an organization.  General Cable has trained many associates in Lean and has successfully supplied them with the necessary toolset, which they apply across functions to develop and optimize a supply chain that is low-cost, flexible and customer-focused.
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Key Interviews with the Leading CEOs and MDs of the Cable & Wire Industry

At the cable directory, we carry out some key interviews with the leaders in the Cable & Wire Industry.

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Interview with Steve Ellis, Managing Director, B3 Cable Solutions 02-04-2009
Interview with Ahmed A. El Sewedy, Chief Executive Officer, El Sewedy Cables 02-03-2009
Interview with Mr Alan Farrimond, Managing Director, PANDUIT Europe Ltd 02-02-2009

Ahmed El Sewedy to be a key speaker at CRU’s 2nd World Wire and Cable Conference

The Chief Executive Officer of El Sewedy Cables, Mr Ahmed El Sewedy, will be a key speaker at the CRU’s 2nd World Wire and Cable Conference, in Barcelona from the 1-3 June 2008.

El Sewedy is a Co-host of the event and Ahmed El Sewedy’s presentation will be on the Structure of the Cable Market and Cable Distribution in North Africa.
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Exclusive Interview with Steve Ellis, MD of B3 Cable Solutions


How does B3 Cable Solutions differentiate your company and products in a highly competitive industry?

B3 manufactures and supplies a broad range of copper and fibre cable products into telecommunications, utilities, energy and rail markets. Cables are supplied from one of two B3 manufacturing plants utilising advanced continuous improvement techniques and through a programme of supply partnerships with high quality manufacturing companies in Asia. A key differentiating element within the B3 proposition concerns the provision of innovative supply chain solutions utilising a unique blend of business skills, industry knowledge and kaizen continuous improvement. These solutions are tailored to suit individual customer requirements and are focused in bringing about real margin improvement. Customers use a range of these solutions in streamlining processes, reducing overhead and logistics costs and in improving the efficiency of their own cable supply chain.


What environmental policies is B3 Cable Solutions currently implementing?

B3 has been recognised by leading industrial bodies for its practices in health and safety, ethical working and environmental manufacturing. The Manchester site was the first in its class to achieve the OHSAS 18001 standard and is accredited to ISO 14001 for its environmental management system. B3 is also working with a number of recognised bodies and customers in bringing about reductions in our carbon footprint. 


With the emerging Industrial economies of India and China, what policies does B3 Cable Solutions have to ensure they remain the Industry leader?

B3 seeks to provide its customers with the most complete and cost effective solution. This is achieved through careful management of our manufacturing facilities and supply partners – we seek to offer a proposition which includes not only the cable but a range of added value services, provided close to or in many cases within our customers’ premises. In this way we recognise certain opportunities available in global markets but add significant additional value through the provision of these services.


What advertising advantages does the internet offer B3 Cable Solutionsthat other media do not provide?

As a young company (albeit comprising businesses with significant historical presence), utilisation of the internet in developing our brand and in maintaining currency of our informational material is vital. In addition we utilise various forms on online transaction such as EDI and participate in many commercial processes using internet, extranet and other portals.


How much of B3 Cable Solutions budget is spent on Research & Development?

This varies in accordance with market trend but we continually work to develop both new, higher capability cable types and other supply chain services. We recognise that modern day living drives telecommunications, travel and energy companies to increase performance, capacity and service. B3 is well placed to meet these market expectations thanks to its innovative culture, technical pedigree and the relationships we have with our customers. Our cable designs seek to deliver increased performance, ease of installation and reduced space.


What do B3 Cable Solutions perceive to be the biggest threat to your company?

We continually evaluate threats but also the opportunities which arise from time or time or which may evolve over a longer period. We have a clear strategy to develop B3 Cable Solutions through continued improvement of our own facilities, through strengthening our key partnerships in supply and distribution and through selective acquisition of additional businesses to our group. We have a track record which demonstrates this already but of course our challenge is to continue the momentum gained to date.