Leading Cable Manufacturer from Kuwait – Gulf Cable & Electrical Industries

Gulf Cable & Electrical Industries Co. KSC was established in 1975 with the objective of meeting growing local requirements and to provide users with quality wires and cables. The company’s large and modern factory was commissioned in October 1979. Since then the activities of Gulf Cable, along with the demand of it’s products in local as well as export markets have been growing steadily and impressively. In 1985, a modern production unit to manufacture Low Voltage Cable Joints was added to the prevailing range of products.

In 1990, we were struck by disaster, the Iraqi invasion. However, we are proud to have risen from the ruins with still greater determination and commitment to quality. By procuring most modern and sophisticated machinery and test equipments, we restored our full product range by mid 1992. The new machinery has numerous built in functions and features; rendering precision and consistency of highest standards.

Quality has always been our top priority and to meet customer’s expectations has been our prime objective; the very basis on which we earned the confidence of our clientele in Gulf and Middle East region. Glittering accomplishments during recent past speak for our stringent Quality Standards and consistency. We have been acknowledged by Kuwait Quality Mark issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Kuwait; and the most coveted recognition of International Quality Assurance System ISO 9001, certified by RWTUV Germany.

Our Quality policy is to sustain and enhance our reputation for product quality at competitive prices in National & International markets and to meet customer’s expectations. It is this concern and commitment rather than just sale of product, that has given GC a distinct image. The Quality of our products along with our commitment to timely deliveries is our competitive advantage and we shall continue to strive to maintain it.

Ramcro – Special Electrical Cables

Ramcro is a manufacturer of special electrical cables: shielded and unshielded cables in PVC, LSF, LSHF, PUR, PE, XLPE, SILICON, POLIPROPHILENE.

Our product is:
quality and customer service

Our offer includes:

  • design of special cables according to customers specifications
  • technical support
  • traceability of the order from receipt to the delivery
  • after sales service.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Thus we have developed a large range of special cables.


Ramcro is a “family company” owned 100% by family Croci.


Euro 15.000.000 about.

Years of experience



50 » 18 employed in the offices; 32 employed in production.

Company structure

Ramcro has under now one big production department for special cables and one stock. Ramcro owns the commercial structure, the organisation and the management.

Commercial philosophy

Ramcro philosophy can be shortly divided in points:

  • quality and customer service
  • respect of the distribution agreement
  • research of co-operation with our customers

Our strenghts

  • Production dpt 5.000mq
  • The stock: our stock has a size of Mq. 1.500, where we stock the most selling cables for a value of about Euro 1.000.000,0. The stock allow us a big flexibility in delivery.
  • Flexibility in production: we sell only home-made cables. That allows us to “help” our customers in case of “emergency”.
  • Our quality and experience: we are in the market from about 25 years, during this long time we have been always updating our-self and we got many Certificates that prove our experience and quality.
  • We can produce every type of special cables, one of our speciality is also to produce special cables out from our catalogue following a customer design.

Lapp Group turnover exceeds €1 Billion

“As a medium-sized and family-owned company with 3,000 employees worldwide, the Lapp Group has managed to exceed €1 billion in turnover solely through its own efforts,” said a delighted Andreas Lapp at the announcement of the company’s annual results (Wednesday, 20 February in Stuttgart).

Including the effect of the copper price, the cumulative turnover of the company in the past financial year was €1,030m (€744m consolidated). The sales projection of €860m was exceeded in the 2006/07 financial year due to the increase in the price of copper.

The organic growth rate (excluding the effect of the copper price) was 17%.

Andreas Lapp explained that this success was based on the company’s strategy of internationalisation: “Our double-digit rates of turnover growth are primarily a result of the global orientation of our business. It is becoming ever more important for medium-sized companies like ours to have a worldwide presence and to take part in international projects.” Since its foundation almost 50 years ago, the Lapp Group has built up a network of 39 company-owned sales operations, 17 manufacturing locations and over 100 foreign representations. Andreas Lapp continued: “This benefits us in the long-term and also makes it possible for us to keep investing in our headquarters in Stuttgart. In the future, the Lapp Group will continue to position itself as a world-leader in technology for highly flexible cables, connection and control leads, data and fibre optic cables, industrial connectors and system solutions based on these components.”

Andreas Lapp expects the positive trend to continue into the 2007/08 financial year: allowing for a high copper price, a turnover of €1.2 billion appears realistic. If the copper price falls, as it did from November 2007 to January 2008, a turnover level of approx. €1.0 billion is possible. The Lapp Group is expecting organic growth of approx. 12% to 15% (excluding effect of copper price). The financial year of the Lapp Group always ends on 30 September.

“Green energy” is one of the areas with the greatest potential for future applications. The Lapp Group is researching and working intensively in the fields of biomass, wind and solar energy and on the fuel cell as an alternative type of vehicle drive system. Andreas Lapp continued: “Even today we can already promise that the first production cars with fuel cells will contain Lapp products.”

The Lapp Group also wants to continue setting the standards in its main mechanical engineering business: “Mechanical and plant engineering is our core business”, emphasised Andreas Lapp, referring to the company’s forward-looking innovations for use in the latest production plants. “Wherever particularly reliable ÖLFLEX® cables and EPIC® connectors are in demand, the Lapp Group is on site with its branded products,” explained Andreas Lapp.

Further information about the Lapp Group

Worldwide, the Lapp Group today has:

– 3,000 employees

– 39 company-owned sales operations

– 17 production locations

– Over 100 foreign representations.

The Lapp Group, a family-owned company based in Stuttgart, Germany, is one of the world’s leading and most technologically advanced manufacturers of highly flexible cables, connection and control leads, data and fibre optic cables, industrial connectors and system solutions based on these components.

With over 40,000 individual products, the Lapp Group supplies companies throughout the world, especially those active in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, measurement and control engineering, the automotive industry, the chemical industry and energy technology.

Press photos:

The Lapp Group provides press photos of the Lapp family and individual products for reprint. Please visit the Press section of our website. You will also find a selection of Lapp logos there. www.lappgroup.com. Contact:

Stefan Dürr

LAPP Holding AG

Head of marketing communication


Tel.: 0711-7838-9190

Zafer Kablo company information

Zafer Kablo was established in 1973 concentrating in the production of copper wires. By1993 development and focus moved to producing electric cables using the most modern manufacturing equipment and materials available. Investment into staff and production know how, has enabled Zafer to be a class leading manufacturer. 

Zafer Kablo’s product range is mainly based upon producing single and multicore PVC insulated cables for applications up to 1KV. More recently, cables have been developed using alternative materials such as XLPE. Our forward thing development strategy means we react quickly to our customer’s demands and to new standards, translating this theory into full cable production in the shortest possible time. 

Zafer Kablo prides itself not only on setting the standards, but in achieving them. We obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification enabling us to enter the world markets and without failure since 1988 TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) Certification. By understanding world standards we are able to export 65% of our production capacity too many countries across the world. Our exporting expertise means we remove the obstacles of distance and language, making it our business to understand your business wherever you are, making Zafer Kablo a truly global company.Whether it is Quality of Product or Quality of Service Zafer Kablo is an ideal choice for the modern business world. We want to exceed the expectations of you, our valued customer, and ensure that we are your long term cable partner. We welcome you to our company give the promise of commitment and dedication.

Huber+Suhner – Cable Systems Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER is your professional partner for the development and manufacture of harnesses and sophisticated cable systems. Our engineers support you already in the design phase of your project and provide proposals in the form of sketches, schematic drawings, wiring lists and cable configurations. In the next phase, we define all necessary details and find the most cost-effective solution. Our assembly shop specialists have the know-how to produce prototypes (if requested), customized products and small batch series. Series production will be manufactured in our own sites or at partners throughout Europe.

Our Expertise – Your Success

Our expertise is versatile: we utilize the variety of currently available technologies. Most of them are generated are in-house, such as:

  • Development and production of cables
  • Wide variety of special tools and apparatus for soldering, crimping, pressing, potting, vulcanisation, heat-shrinking, labelling, assembling and harnessing
  • State-of-the-art test equipment and in-house laboratories
  • Development of injection moulding tools
  • Plastic moulding technology for connectors and kink-protection sleeves

Our Cooperation is your Benefit

Decades of experience and extensive know-how gives you the guarantee that your requests are handled competently and reliably. From your project to the finished cable system solution, we offer the following services:

  • Qualified consulting
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Design and engineering
  • Project management
  • Prototype and series production
  • Documentation
  • Test/inspection
  • International logistics
  • International procurement of all necessary components

System Solutions in the Field

We are active in different segments such as traction, defense, industry/installation. For some impressions go to one of the following pages where we give you a small view into our many-sided capabilities.

Of course, this can only give you a brief overview. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any project that you have

HUBER+SUHNER Product Information

The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity in communications, industrial and transportation markets.

We can draw on core competencies in the areas of high frequency technology, fiber optics, cables and polymers. Working in close collaboration with our customers around the globe, we strive for excellence in the development and manufacturing of high quality products.

RF Products

Our motto is ”Excellence In Connectivity Solutions”. At the heart of our offering is a broad range of products that can be relied on to meet high response times worldwide.

We concentrate on complex applications that allow us to stand out by adding value with special product features, customer-specific innovations, engineering and other services.

Huber+Suhner Company Information

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. The industrial group with headquarters in Switzerland was established in 1969. Today, it operates 17 subsidiaries and employs 3200 persons in all markets of the world and is represented by 100 distributors in additional countries.

The shares of HUBER+SUHNER are listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SWX Swiss Exchange) in Zurich.

HUBER+SUHNER offers technical expertise in radio frequency, fibre optics and low frequency engineering under a single roof, providing a broad range of products that can be relied on in the target markets communication, transportation and industrial.