Maser supplies industrial steel cables for QLD oil refinery

Friday, Oct 16, 2009
Maser Communications (Australia) has supplied a series of specialist steel wire armoured cables to a Queensland Oil Refinery.

According to Maser, after suffering through issues associated with cable degradation, the end-user outlined its requirements for a robust cable construction and Maser suggested a steel wire armoured solution that would provide the necessary mechanical protection.
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Belden Exceeds the Standards

Belden exceeds the standards by delivering Installable Performance and extending sweep testing of Brilliance® Precision Video Cables to 4.5 GHz, paving the way for 1080P HDTV/SDI format. Belden’s Brilliance® broadcast video cable are designed for maximum bandwidth, minimum return loss and minimum attenuation loss. These cables already meet the very tight specifications for electrical properties and are ideally suited for both analog and digital video in broadcast, post-production and other critical video applications.
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High Efficiency LED Street Light Trial

Energy-saving LED street lamps will be trialed in Auckland, New Zealand from next month. The trial will establish comparative energy efficiencies and relative costs with traditional sodium vapour lamps. North Shore City Council transport infrastructure group manager Phil Consedine said that rapidly increasing energy costs and sustainability initiatives were behind efforts to introduce greater efficiency into street lighting.
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Dekorons Product Family

Dekoron Wire & Cable are the innovators in Instrumentation. Their dedication to instrumentation cable has benefited the market with many advances. Technology to improve signal transmission, shielding, and custom designed cables have allowed Dekoron to bring to market products required to effectively and efficiently run plant operations.
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