Abhar Wire & Cable to attend Utility Expansion & Investment Congress

Abhar Wire and Cable are proud to announce that it is taking part as a solution provider at the Utility Investment and Expansion Congress in Dubai. An important event in this rapidly expanding sector of the region, the congress will take place on 25th and 26th of May at the Hyatt Regency Dubai.

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Leading Iran Cable Manufacturer – Abhar Wire and Cable

Abhar Wire and Cable is a privately owned company established in 1992 by the late entrepreneur Mr. Hossein Kolahi, and located in Zanjan province near the city of Abhar in close vicinity to an extensive network of highways and railroads allowing easy, cost-effective access to Iran’s major ports and cities. With production starting in 1995, the company has rapidly expanded its facilities, overtaking rivals with established several decades ago to become Iran’s largest cable manufacturer with an unrivalled product range. Abhar Wire and Cable currently enjoys the service of some 600 full-time employees, including over 60 engineers, operating in 68,000 m2 of covered production and services space in 540,000 m2 of land.

The company is by far the most important supplier of cables to Iran’s hydrocarbon industry in addition to catering to a large number of other projects. Through the utilization of modern production equipment, the best of Iran’s engineering talent and the services of highly experienced European consultants and managers, Abhar Wire and Cable  has achieved many firsts in the Iranian cable industry such as the manufacturing of Fire Resistant Zero Halogen cables for Tehran Underground, lead-sheathed cables for the petroleum industry and 132 kV cables for power distribution in Mashad.

Abhar Wire and Cable was the first local cable manufacturer to supply the Iranian Oil industry including various petrochemical, and oil and gas exploration and extraction projects; furthermore Abhar Wire and Cable has been the sole Iranian cable manufacturer to have taken part in the South Pars Field Development Project, the largest gas field in the world; supplying Phase 1, Phases 2&3 in parts, Phases 4&5 and Phases 6,7 & 8.

Abhar Wire and Cable ’s facilities allow the construction of cables with a maximum outer diameter of 160 mm. It also possesses the equipment to handle cable drums with a maximum diameter of 5 meters and a maximum weight of 50 mt, allowing the delivery of cables in greater lengths than any other Iranian cable manufacturer, thereby minimizing installation costs and maximizing cable reliability by reducing the number of joints needed.

Abhar Wire and Cable has been an ISO certified company since 1997, and has been audited and passed ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance certification. Abhar Wire and Cable ’s laboratory facilities are unrivalled in Iran and among the very few in the Middle East that can carry out the following range of type and routine tests:

                  Partial discharge and Dielectric Loss Factor measurements up to 250 kV AC

                  Impulse tests up to 1200 kV

                  Alternating Voltage Test ( AC ) up to 1200 kV, Direct Voltage Test ( DC ) up to 1000 kV, Lightning Impulse Test up to 2800 kV, Switching Surge Test, Standard Impulse Test, Superimposed AC, DC Test or a combination of all three tests, Measurement of Dielectric Loss Factor, Measurement of Partial Discharges, Testing according to IEC and VDE norms and Electra recommendations ( to be commissioned by early 2004)

 The product range of Abhar Wire and Cable   is vast and the company is capable of producing almost any type of cable, a summary of the company’s most important product ranges: 

                  Aluminum and copper power cables up to 2000 mm2 in conductor cross-section and up to a voltage class of 132 kV (Accessories up to The 63 kV and cables up to 132 kV are produced under license and supervision of Brugg Cable Switzerland. Abhar Wire and Cable is Brugg Cable’s exclusive representative for cables and accessories up to 400 kV in Iran and its neighbouring countries).

                  Lead sheathed and tape or wire armoured power cables

                  Instrumentation and control cables in pair, triad, and quad configurations with individual and/or overall screens with various types of insulation including silicon and mica, as well as fire alarm cables.Flexible and super flexible cables including rubber and thermoplastic rubber insulated and sheathed cables as well as high-temperature silicon insulated and sheathed cables for mining, shipbuilding and offshore oil exploration.

                  Halogen-free, flame retardant and fire-resistant cables including mica insulated Cable as per IEC 331, 332 etc. Abhar Wire and Cable is the sole producer of cable for Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Co. and the cable in this category has been Type Tested by Kema B.V. in Netherlands and Warrington Fire Research Co. (U.K.)

 Abhar Wire and Cable ’s engineering teams are prepared to assist the customer in the design of power and instrumentation networks, providing advice on design and installation. Abhar Wire and Cable  can supply the customer with a full range of accessories as well as cables, providing a complete system package. Abhar Wire and Cable’s  facilities include the following support and infrastructural assets: 

                  Natural gas connection of 5,000 m3 at 60 psi

                  9 MW of on-site electricity generation

                  Electrical mains network connection with total capacity of 4MW

                  Steam generation and distribution facilities with 60,000 kg/h of capacity

                  Water works producing 20 litre/second of drinking and industrial water with a 2,000 m3 reservoir

                  Fully equipped mechanical work shop