HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KENTUCKY, April 15, 2013 ― General Cable (NYSE: BGC), one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in the world, is proud to announce it has successfully completed third-party environmental qualification testing on its low-voltage line of ULTROL® 60+ nuclear qualified cable. For nearly four decades, ULTROL® cables, developed by Brand-Rex Company*, have answered the needs of the nuclear power market. Backed by a continued commitment to the nuclear industry and a dedicated nuclear team, General Cable’s ULTROL® 60+ cables are intended to support both the existing nuclear fleet and Gen III reactors. Click here to read more

Draka Communications Americas Introduces FAA-Compliant Loose Tube Cables

Draka Communications Americas has released a series of fiber optic loose tube cables specifically designed for use in airport and similar aviation facilities.  These cables meet the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements (FAA-E-2761-Type B). Draka’s FAA-compliant loose tube cables incorporate a highly chemical resistant double jacketing system that is ideally suited for use in pathways exposed to hydrocarbon liquids, de-icing fluids, cleaning solvents, jet fuels and other chemicals and lubricants typically found in aviation environments. These cables are available with a variety of fiber types.

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Alcan Cable receives qualification to manufacture and sell ACCC® conductor in North American utility market

Alcan Cable, a business of Rio Tinto, announced today it has been granted qualification by CTC Cable – a subsidiary of Composite Technology Corporation – to manufacture ACCC® conductor. Alcan Cable can now supply product to its existing utility customers in North America as well as to CTC Cable Corporation. The ACCC® conductor certification was attained by successfully completing qualification tests at Alcan Cable’s Technology Center located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. ACCC® composite core production will continue at CTC Cable’s certified facilities in Irvine, California.

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Draka’s Lifeline Cable Technology Now Available for Materials Handling & Metals Processing Industries

Draka Cableteq announced today that for the first time its innovative Lifeline cable technology is being made available to the materials handling and metals processing markets. Lifeline cable technology is based on a proprietary ceramifiable insulation that can withstand a fully-involved structural fire with temperatures of up to 1850°F for as long as two hours, thus meeting the stringent UL 2196 standard.

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New Macrobend Resistant Multimode Fiber Teraflex 10g Cables Improve Attenuation Performance

Superior Essex, an industry leader in communications wire and cable products, today announced today that all Superior Essex optical fiber multimode cables are now available with Macrobend Resistant Laser Optimized 50 micron TeraFlex® 10G fibers. Like the TeraGain 10G 50/125 multimode fibers, TeraFlex 10G multimode fibers are specifically optimized for 850 nm lasers (or VCSELs) but with added benefit of Macrobend Resistance. These optical fibers exceed industry specifications for, not only bandwidth and differential modal dispersion, but for minimum bend radii allowing use where tight bend radii are encountered.

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MESC-UAE commercial production to kick off by the end of the second quarter of 2010

With over AED170 Million as an investment, MESC-UAE the Groups’ biggest manufacturing site, demonstrates the competitive strength of this site and gives a further boost to MESC Group products and to the economic growth of the region. It’s considered as the supporting continuous strong growth plan of the Group in the coming years due to the growing usage and demand of cables in the region.

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