Prysmian to expand operations in oil & gas services indusrty signing 4 year frame agreement with Petrobras

Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008
Milan, 4 june 2008. Prysmian Cables & Systems, a worldwide leading player in the energy and telecom cable sectors, has signed a four-year frame agreement with Brazil’s Petrobras, for the design and supply of flexible pipes for offshore oil&gas extraction. Initial supplies’ value is $135 million with significant potential development. This agreement represents a major step forward in the expansion of Prysmian’s operations in the Oil Gas & Petrochemical (OGP) services industry, confirming its commitment to invest in value-added businesses with higher profitability and levels of technology. The addition of Flexible Pipes to its current production of both steel and thermoplastic umbilicals will enable the Company to offer a comprehensive range of SURF products (Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) meeting the needs of the OGP industry.
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El Sewedy Cables invests in a Greenfield operation for the production of distribution transformers

Cairo, Egypt: As part of its strategy to expand production facilities in the Middle East and Africa, El Sewedy Cables announced today that it will establish a plant in Zambia for the production of distribution transformers up to 5 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA”).

With a total investment cost of US$ 8.4 million. El Sewedy Cables will own 60%, whilst Zesco Ltd (the Zambia Electricity Authority). Zambia State Insurance Corporation, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines and the National Pensions Authority will own 40 % of the new venture.

The new plant in Zambia will cover a surface of 5,000 square meters and will have an initial production capacity of I ,200 transformers per annum. The plant is expected to employ about 89 Egyptian and Zambian employees and is expected to increase our production capacity in the Middle East and Africa to reach 4,700 transformers.

Operations are expected to commence by mid-2008 and the plant will enjoy a five year tax exemption from the start of production.

Engineer Ahmed El Sewedy commented This is the first transfhrrners plant in the area and the consortium itself is very strong. Having our partner as the main customer is a huge advantage for us. This project is blessed with the backing of the Zambian president and government who have been extremely supportive in making this project a reality for us.”

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Director of Investor Relations

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PANDUIT to Build New ‘Intelligent’ Global Headquarters

State of the art building to showcase latest network infrastructure technology

London, UK (14th November, 2007) – PANDUIT, a global supplier of network and cabling infrastructure, today announced that it has contracted, contingent on completion of due diligence and resolution of local incentives, to purchase a site in Tinley Park, IL, for its new corporate headquarters. The facility will be constructed on an intelligent building design and will showcase the PANDUIT Connected Building Solution, which enables the convergence of a building’s facility systems onto a single network for improved control, communication, and management.

John Caveney, CEO, commented, “The benefit to our employees will be an improved work experience including ‘smart’ lighting, occupancy based temperature management, and improved access control.”

As part of the commitment PANDUIT has to the environment and sustainability, the company intends to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

(LEED) Gold certification with the new building. The LEED Gold standard will be an independent guarantee that PANDUIT will reduce construction pollution and deliver significant energy savings.

PANDUIT has secured the services of leading building services and construction firms, including Gensler, Affiliated Engineers, Inc. and Power Construction, to ensure the new corporate headquarters incorporates state of the art design and building technologies to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the facility and increase organisational effectiveness.

The new PANDUIT headquarter location is approximately six kilometres (four

miles) from its existing headquarters on Ridgeland Avenue in Tinley Park.

The planned development includes a 23,000 square metre (250,000 square foot) facility, in a 21 hectare (52 acre) campus environment. Foundation laying of the new corporate headquarters is targeted to begin in Spring 2008 and occupancy of the building in the Summer 2009.



PANDUIT is a leading, world-class developer and provider of innovative networking and electrical solutions. For more than 50 years, PANDUIT has engineered and manufactured end-to-end solutions that assist our customers in the deployment of the latest technologies. Our global expertise and strong industry relationships make PANDUIT a valuable and trusted partner dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions and unmatched service.

Through our commitment to innovation, quality and service, PANDUIT creates competitive advantages to earn customer preference.

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Belden introduces new EMEA distributor program

Belden has introduced a new program for distribution partners in the EMEA region. The new Channel Program, called Belden DNA, was launched in Brussels during a two-day meeting attended by key Belden personnel and representatives of more than 40 distribution partners.

The new Belden DNA program sets out to build the ultimate connection between Belden and its distributors, through selection and allocation of resources. Building on a shared commitment, the name DNA epitomises the concept of a DNA connection.

Belden DNA will be an exclusive community of the best distribution partners, dedicated to promoting Belden’s range of cable and associated products to their respective markets and territories. The program will allow the relationship to be a successful and mutually beneficial experience, growing together, creating Organic Growth to make both entities stronger.

Launching the program, Channel Program Manager, Phil Watts said: “Belden DNA is a new way of managing our distribution relationships and is designed to be flexible and fit with their business. As with any business relationship there are elements required, upon which growth can be developed and future business objectives achieved.

“Each of our DNA distributors’ very different characteristics determines the levels of reciprocal commitment, i.e. the commitment required for Belden and therefore the level of commitment they in turn receive from Belden. Essentially this means the greater the level of commitment they give to Belden, the greater the level of support their organisation will receive from Belden.”

Recognising the difference of each of the current DNA distributors and their business, Belden DNA has been developed to cater for multiple types of distribution relationship. Individual distribution partners determine where their organisation fits in.

Belden will provide different levels of service. DNA distributors whose business is structured such that they have a relationship based on increasing commitments, will be able to command increasing levels of support and service from Belden. The highest level will include timely, professional service to meet the demands of the distributor and additionally include greater access to Regional Account Managers, Marketing Communications team, Marketing managers and Portfolio reviews as well as increased training resources.

A dedicated team assembled to support our DNA distribution partners, consisting of a Channel Manager, Regional Account Mangers and a Coordinator. In addition a range of resources has been introduced, including an Opportunity Tracking program, a shared web portal and improved technical support facilities.

Phil Watts: “We believe this will be the best programme in the market place today and we fully intend, with our partners help, to keep Belden DNA as the partner programme to benchmark against.

“Belden appreciates that to have a motivated and proactive distribution channel able to support the overall business strategy and deliver superior performance, requires a consistent and cohesive strategy. We believe that a motivated distribution channel will organically grow, whilst supporting the Belden sales strategy and deliver superior performance.”

Mr. Watts added “The Belden DNA programme is only one aspect of an innovative approach to working with our distributors. We will incorporate a full suite of traditional and multi media collateral to communicate, update and inform customers about Belden, our products and the markets in which we operate.”

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Belden provides broadband solutions

Belden provides broadband solutions

Belden manufactures wire and cable broadband solutions that provide the bandwidth needed to build the infrastructure for today’s CableTV and satellite dish technology. At a recent Press Briefing, Theo van Rijn, Product Marketing Operations Manager for Belden EMEA, gave an overview of the company’s capabilities in the CATV or Provider market.

“CATV is a system of providing television to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables. As CATV is becoming more established, FM radio programming, high-speed Internet, telephony and similar non television services are also be provided using the same bandwith.

“With wireless communication becoming a part of everyone’s life, people communicate more and more through wireless networks such as cellular phones, TV Broadcasting and WLAN. Increasingly, the networks serving them become Hybrid Fiber Coax.

“Belden has a complete range of products for this market. It includes one of the most comprehensive, economical and up-to-date selections of reliable 75 Ohm and 50 Ohm coaxial cable products on the market today. The distribution and drop coaxes feature Belden’s innovative, high performance Duobond Plus® shielding or Belden’s Duobond® II shield. Belden Duobond Plus® (Tri-shield) Cables have consistently outperformed the more elaborate quad-shielded cables.”

“Current projects in Fiber to the Home are driven by CATV operators. This is not a rapid change over as CATV operators want to extend the broadband coax life as long as possible. Telco operators are also slowly moving towards the fiber to the home, as they want to extend the Twisted Pair life as long as possible. The true drivers are new providers as they are looking to build completely new networks with extremely high bandwidth.

“Key considerations are the growing demand for higher bandwidth. The triple play use of that bandwidth: for telephone, internet and TV or HDTV, and the ongoing split between the roles of the network provider and content provider. Many countries – for instance in Eastern Europe – are now beginning to create their infrastructure.

“Belden has an impressive list of reference cases and a strong tradition of moving with the market to meet new needs for increased bandwidth and easy installation.”

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Belden introduces Seamless Mobility for Wireless Access

As part of its strategy to provide a range of signal transmission solutions, Belden has introduced the 4th generation solution for Wireless Access which greatly simplifies installation and offers improved performance over current technology by providing seamless mobility, high security, no co-channel interference and unmatched system capacity.

Belden’s new Wireless Access System is based on the Channel Blanket approach which has many benefits. It means that users have true mobility by combining the freedom of wireless with the ease and simplicity of a hard-wired network. It combines voice, video and data networking and increases throughput. Access points can be anywhere and require only the simplest of installations without any set-up or configuration required. The system is easy to plan, install, test and maintain. MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) are also easily achieved by simply altering an access point.

Chris Chandler, Technical Manager for Belden UK and Ireland says: “In today’s fast-paced communication environment, people need mobility without any limitations to their physical location. They need fast and easy access to information without any security concerns and without giving up the quality. Belden wireless solutions gives people what they need – being able to communicate and access information fast with full, seamless mobility, ubiquitous coverage, and robust client connections that simply do not drop.

“With its wireless solution, Belden overcomes the problems of cell-based WLANs. Users are provided with mobility benefits of the wireless with a wire-like performance which is simple and easy to deploy and maintain. As a result, both the users and the installers benefit from the simplicity of the system. Seamless mobility for wireless access is a brilliant example of what Belden can achieve for its customers in EMEA and globally.”

Conventional hard-wired networks are designed for people working at desks in fixed locations using a wall or floor jack to gain access. These provide some limited mobility but do not fulfill today’s need for total freedom with access from anywhere and multi-service flexibility tailored to the user’s business or personal needs.

Hard-wired networks were designed only to carry data and not intended for the simultaneous transmission of data, multimedia streams and voice traffic. Cell-based systems are plagued by co-channel interference which is the primary cause of diminished system capacity. Another difficulty is they require deep radio-frequency (RF) engineering enterprise coupled with the need to balance channelization, acceptable interference, transmit power and unique antenna selection for each access point. With the Belden Wireless Solution all RF-related complexity disappears and only a basic understanding of wireless technology is required.

The Channel Blanket topology means that each radio channel is used everywhere at every access point to create blankets of coverage. The result is seamless mobility with no security concerns, no roaming latency, no co-channel interference, robust customer connections that do not drop and the ability to design for a guaranteed and predictable level of service. It means no access problems from the wireless equipment itself, from the type of information required or from the physical location. The end result is network performance that is dramatically improved and transformed, giving universal coverage and unmatched system capacity.

Belden’s innovative system is easy to plan, install, test and maintain. It is a solution which eliminates the classic trade-off between coverage and capacity, providing the industry’s highest capacity and bandwidth and achieving this on several levels.

There are many benefits for the user as they no longer need to consider their proximity to an access point in order to achieve connectivity. They can be secure in the knowledge that their grade of service will stay consistent, calls will not be dropped and there is no need to consider the network at all.

The new system eliminates edge users and client bunching which are common problems with traditional systems. It offers the highest capacity through layered blanket which means it is possible to multiply the capacity at any given point in the enterprise network. In addition it boosts the total system bandwidth. The result is a seamless coexistence of all applications and all user types.

Belden’s Switch is the central component of the Channel Blanket architecture. Powerful and intelligent 6-port and 24-port switches manage all WLAN traffic and network management activities. They work with and control the operation of Belden’s BWAP-200 Access Points. This enables the same channel to be transmitted from every access point in the system, without the interference which plagues other WLAN solutions.

The system’s Access Points are elegantly simple. They require no set-up and no configuration. They are designed to delegate all network traffic decisions to the Switch. Because of their simplicity and the fact that they are powered by standard power over Ethernet, they provide a true plug-and-play architecture for implementing large scale, enterprise grade WLANs. Importantly, the switch software also provides high security and centralized software control which means that the access points can never be the point of a possible security breach.

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Belden offers advanced products for building markets

Belden offers an extensive range of high quality, high performance products for use in industrial, institutional, commercial, educational and residential buildings. At a recent Press Briefing, Chris Chandler, Technical Sales Manager for Belden EMEA, provided an overview of new and soon-to-be-introduced products.

“Today, we create networks in every type of building. The complexity of these networks will depend on the number of attached appliances or computers and their connectivity requirements, but the basic objective is always the same: allowing individual computers to share data, perform business-related transactions or access the information superhighway. None of this can be done without structured cabling systems, i.e. a network in which all components are engineered and manufactured to provide optimal and adaptable performance levels according to industry accepted

“A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as the flexibility to accommodate growth and change over an extended period of time.”

10GX® IDC System
“Communication hardware is getting smaller and Belden’s new 10GX® IDC cross-connect system mirrors that trend. Considering the high costs of construction, Belden has developed an alternative system which not only saves on building space but also delivers unequalled performance.

“Belden’s 10GX® IDC System complements the 10GX Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure and meets TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard. This new high performance, space-efficient system is uniquely engineered to handle 10GBase-T data networking and multimedia applications with headroom to spare.

The new Belden 10GX® IDC System makes it possible to create large cross-connect systems which are space-efficient, easy to install and easy to maintain. The system is designed for 10GBase-T applications as a cost-effective alternative to modular patch panels.

Wireless Solution
“The new Belden Wireless Solution uses a unique Channel Blanket topology to allow each radio channel to be used everywhere, at every access point, thereby creating blankets of continuous wireless coverage with no roaming latency or co-channel interference problems. Its architecture is fundamentally different from standard WLANs, which use cell-based technologies that require complex RF Cell Planning in an attempt to avoid co-channel interference.

“Equally important, high throughput is achieved even when cell traffic is high. Full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol and security standards is maintained, ensuring seamless, zero AP-to-AP hand off mobility for latency sensitive applications such as voice and video. The system is exceptionally easy to deploy, configure, validate and maintain, providing plug-and-play flexibility to add or remove APs with no effect on the existing set-up.”

Optical Fiber Components
“Belden has been involved in the development of optical fiber components since 1972 — evolving to its present status as an international supplier of high quality, cost-effective optical fiber cabling systems. “Today, we offer users a complete, high-performance, end-to-end cabling system that supports both centralized and fiber-to-the desk (FTTD) topologies, as well as in-building or campus backbone cabling configurations.

“The Belden IBDN Solution is, however, much more than an assemblage of top-performing products. It represents a whole new approach to the methodology of fiber optic cabling. Belden systems are unique in their ability to offer both superior performance and a more cost effective, speedier and less complex installation process compared to more traditional fiber optic cabling systems.

“This assures the smooth operation of networks and provides for efficient network management — while continually reducing total cost of ownership whilst preparing systems for the future.

“The Belden Secure Keyed LC System is designed to bring a whole new level of security into network infrastructure design by enabling the physical segregation of any designated network segments. Based on the superior performance of the LC connector format, the Secure Keyed LC System offers outstanding features and benefits including six color-coded keying options for design flexibility and facility in network administration, tamper-resistant key design — front and back — preventing intruder access and high-quality ceramic ferrule to provide low insertion loss and excellent durability.”

New products for 2008
“Belden is set to introduce a new range of products for 2008. These include Low Smoke, Halogen-free (LSOH) Cat5e & Cat6 Patch Cords – both Cat5e Stranded and Cat6 Stranded & Solid Core – and a 50 ports telepanel with a functional and easy-to-use design. These telepanels have fixed cable guides prepared for use of Velcro tape or strips, 2-pair connectivity per port, “jacks” mounted as RJ45, enabling the use of general patch cables and they are available in white & black with numbering from 1 to 50.”

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