Leading UK Manufacturer in Flexible Remote Control Cables + Accessories. – RDB 93 Ltd

Based in the North West, RDB93 are the number one name in Flexible Remote Control Cables and Accessories. Our in-house team specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of wide range of custom build and standard products. Our range of products include plant cables, industrial cables, automotive cables, push-pull cable controls, replacement cables, clevises, ball joints, agricultural cables, stop cables, accelerator cables, gear cables, throttle cables, valve cables, hand brake cables, clutch cables and accessories. We handle inquiries from all over Europe, UK, North West, Merseyside, Wirral and Cheshire. Please feel free to view our online catalogue, website or just give us a call and a member of our sales team will be able to assist.


·  Control Head ·  Accelerator Cables  ·  Push-Pull Cable ontrols  ·  Gear Change Cables  ·  Replacement Cables  ·  Hand Throttle Cables  ·  Clevises  ·  Valve Cables  ·  Ball Joints  ·  Hand Brake Cables  ·  Stop Cables  ·  Clutch Cables

Licensed Assembler of Cablecraft.
24 Hour delivery for credit card payments or for Account Holders

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