Daetwyler Cables strengthens the Harnessing Business

Daetwyler Cables strengthens the Harnessing Business

Daetwyler Cables is taking over Kaved AG thus strengthening the harnessing business. The Daetwyler Cables harnessing services as well as their logistics and systems solutions are precisely those outsourcing services which relieve elevator construction and industry customers with regard to cost and time critical logistics processes.


Altdorf / Neufahrn in December 2007. Daetwyler Cables, a leading supplier of systems solutions for electrical building infrastructure strengthens its harnessing business. The current Daetwyler company Kaved AG, Altdorf, will in March 2008 (retroactively as of 1 January 2008) be integrated into Daetwyler Cables, a Unit of Daetwyler Switzerland Inc. The name and brand Kaved will be replaced by Daetwyler Cables.


Strong base for a consistent presence

This merger will lead to operational as well as financial synergies. Specifically, in integrating Kaved into Daetwyler Cables, the support functions purchasing, human resources and finance and controlling will be organisationally merged. With this single branding, Daetwyler Cables is creating a strong base for extensive customer service as well as for future growth.


Harnessing for elevator construction and industry customers

The current Kaved AG will become part of the Harnessing unit of Daetwyler Cables. The leading Kaved harnessing products and services as well as its logistics and systems solutions will remain unchanged and the product ranges will continue to be extended. The Daetwyler Cables harnessing services as well as their logistics and systems solutions are precisely those outsourcing services which relieve elevator cabling and industry customers with regard to cost and time critical logistics processes. The electronic orders communication system is part of this as much as are a state-of-the-art cable cutting centre and a fully automated small parts store.


Daetwyler Cables (www.daetwyler-cables.com)

Daetwyler Cables is a leading provider of high-quality system solutions and services for electrical building infrastructure, including data networks, safety cable systems, building automation and elevator cable systems. With over 90 years of experience, we possess solid know-how that makes us the innovation leader in these market segments. With in-house development and fabrication of copper and fibre optic cables, as well as a full range of system components, Daetwyler Cables offers comprehensive total solutions including consulting, training, fabrication, logistics and warranty services. Our customer base includes banks, insurance companies, industrial companies, telecommunication companies, airport operators and large construction contractors. Daetwyler Cables is part of the globally active Daetwyler Group, who with 4,700 employees generates annual sales of around 900 million euros.



Daetwyler Holding Inc.: Silvio A. Magagna, CFO/Member of the Executive Board, media spokesman; Tel. +41 41 875 13 04, Thursday, 13 December 2007, 08.00 – 10.00 hrs

Synergy Cables approved by Virgin Media

Virgin Media, the second largest service provider in the UK has approved Synergy Cables as a supplier of fiberoptic cables for its entire backbone and access network.


Virgin Media is the first quadruple-play media company in the UK, bringing together a so-called “quad play” service consisting of television, Internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services. Virgin Media owns a large fiber optic cable plant to serve its customers. The plant consists of all types of fiber optic (and copper) cables: backbone large fiber count, access cables and indoor cables. Virgin Media uses G.652, G.655 as well as a variety of multi-mode fibers.


Synergy Cables has been supplying cables to Virgin Media (and predecessor companies NTL and NTL-Telewest) for two years. These cables were supplied only after rigorous qualification testing at Synergy Cables laboratories in Israel. Recently Virgin Media again tested a series of fiberoptic cables in the Synergy Cables laboratories and has found the cables qualified to be used in its network.

Liberty Wire & Cable introduces DigitaLinx HDMI Multiplexer

New System Integration Device Combines Best Features of a Distribution Amplifier and Switcher; Ideal for Home Theaters. Liberty’s New HDMI Multiplexer – DL-HDM66. Liberty Wire & Cable, worldwide supplier of a broad range of wire and cable products for the audio/video trade, including custom installers and systems integrators, has introduced a new HDMI Multiplexer as part of its family of DigitaLinxTM digital solutions for custom installation and A/V professionals. Liberty’s new HDMI Multiplexer, Model DL-HDM66, combines the best features of a distribution amplifier and a switcher. It features six inputs and six outputs, and allows six different digital A/V sources (such as a DVD player, a set-top box and a computer) to be split into multiple digital displays.

The versatile multiplexer is ideal for Home Theater system integration, and easy switching between different sources, since it eliminates the hassle of manually plugging in different HDMI connectors to view different sources. It’s also well suited for use in monitoring systems and Home Theaters with multiple displays, and for testing equipment. It supports high-quality HDTV resolution up to 1080p, and complies with the High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) standard. The DigitaLinx family incorporates a variety of additional devices – including digital repeaters, distribution amplifiers, and fiber optic solutions – that extend and route DVI and HDMI signals in residential and commercial installations. They provide an enormous number and variety of solutions for installation and AV professionals working in a world of merging technologies dependent on digital information. The well-designed and integrated DigitaLinx solutions keep businesses competitive and profitable, while further expanding the Liberty Advantage. Liberty’s new HDMI Multiplexer is available now from authorized Liberty dealers.

Draka expects strong performance and further growth in almost all divisions

Draka said in a trading update that it expects for 2007 an operating result of around € 145 million (2006: € 90.6 million2) and net income of about € 85 million (2006: € 45.4 million2). Draka expects 2007 to be the third consecutive year of substantially improving results. The anticipated sharp growth in the results is the product of sustained and healthy volume growth, cost control programmes and further improvement in the product mix. Helped by the favourable macroeconomic conditions, most notably in Europe, Draka will achieve volume growth in all segments of its business: low-voltage cable, special-purpose cable and communication cable. Although raw material prices (copper and polymers) have remained highly volatile, the impact on margins is expected to be limited.

Subocean Limited wins first Middle East contract

Subsea installation company, Subocean Limited, has been awarded its first contract in the Middle-east.

The Aberdeen-based company has won a $13.5 million contract with PMS in Egypt to install ten power cables for Saudi Aramco on a number of platform interconnections in Saudi Arabia.

The contract, which is expected to begin right away, with installation activities due to start in April 2008, will take about nine months and involve cable lay work.

SubOcean, which has gradually been building a reputation in the design and delivery of subsea installation projects in the oil and gas and renewable sectors, will use its own cable lay equipment on-board the DP2 vessel “EDT Ares” to complete the work for Saudi Aramco.

Subocean’s operations director Mike Daniel says: “This is a very strategic contract award for us. We have recently been working on several high profile renewable energy contracts and have successfully transferred our knowledge and skills gained in the oil and gas sector to the emerging offshore wind renewables sector. However, oil and gas is still a priority sector for us and we are very keen to develop more oil and gas business both in the North Sea and overseas.

“The Middle-east is a target area for Subocean and with this being our first contract in the region, it is therefore highly significant. Saudi Aramco were very impressed with our technical capabilities and we are looking forward to delivering the job effectively, on time and on budget.”

Set up in 2005 to capture a share of the rapidly growing subsea oil and gas business, Subocean also supplies offshore management personnel, divers, life support technicians, ROV operators, subsea equipment operators and offshore administrators. In addition, it is helping to meet the infrastructure gap by hiring out specialist subsea equipment to the major contractors operating in oil and gas and offshore windfarms.



Milan-Beijing, 11 December 2007 – Prysmian Cables & Systems, a worldwide leading company in the industry of energy and telecom cables, has won two tenders organized by China State Grid, comprising four projects. Prysmian will supply High Voltage energy cables for new key power transmission links in China, in areas such as Beijing (2008 Olympic Village), Shanghai city, Fujian province, Hubei.

“The total value of these contracts is approximately 25 million euro” – declared Paolo Bazzoni, recently appointed as CEO Prysmian China -. “We consider this achievement strategic for the further reinforcement of Prysmian’s presence in China, particularly in high value-added segments we are strongly targeting (High Voltage and Industrial cables, cables for the renewable energy sector and for the OGP sector), also using our increased capacity currently under construction”.

The total orders awarded to Prysmian include 136 Km of 220 kV cables and related accessories. In the two tenders, the quantity secured by Prysmian ranked No.1 among all suppliers. The projects are:

Shanghai PSB HV Power Transmission Project , from Shanghai city to Chong Ming and to Jiangsu. This project was jointly invested by Ministry of Communications, National Development and Reform Commission, State Grid, Shanghai Municipal Government and Jiangsu Municipal government, and contracted by State Grid and Shanghai PSB, and all the bridges will be constructed by Ministry of Transportation. The total demand of 220 kV cables for this project is approximately 400 Km (the longest power link with 220 kV cables in China). The project is expected to be finished by 2009 and will be managed and operated by Shanghai Municipal Government. The tender won by Prysmian includes approximately 57 Km of 220 kV cables and related accessories.

Beijing PSB Olympic Village to Bajia 220 kV power transmission project is part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic project. Prymsian will supply 20 Km of 220 kV cables and related accessories.

The national key project Fujian Province Fuzhou to Fengban 220 kV I,II project is the one of the most important in Fujian. Prysmian will supply 19 Km of 220 kV cables and related accessories.  

Hubei PSB Qingshan to Beiyangqiao 220 kV power transmission project . Prysmian has won a tender for the supply of 40 Km of 220 kV cables and related accessories. This is the biggest single project of this kind ever won by Prysmian in China. The purpose of this project is also to serve the state-owned giant enterprise Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp, therefore of extremely high importance.

Prysmian in china

Prysmian operates in China through five companies with around 1000 people employed and plants in Tianjin (Industrial cables), Baoying in Jiangsu Province ( one of the leading players in High Voltage cables and systems ), and Wuxi, also in Jiangsu, (Fibre optic and Copper cables for Telecommunications). Moreover, through Prysmian Shanghai Trading, the Company imports and distributes a leading range of cable accessories for high and medium voltage cables.

The Prysmian Group

A leading player in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunication, the Prysmian Group is a truly global company with sales exceeding 5 billion euro in 2006 and a strong position in higher-added value market segments. With its two business, Energy Cables & Systems (submarine and underground cables for power transmission and distribution, for industrial applications and for the distribution of electricity to residential and commercial buildings) and Telecom Cables & Systems (optical cables and fibres and copper cables for video, data and voice transmission), Prysmian boasts a global presence with subsidiaries in 35 countries, 54 plants in 21 countries, 7 Research & Development Centres in Europe, USA and South America, and over 12,000 employees. Specialising in the development of products and systems designed to meet clients’ specific requirements, Prysmian’s key strengths include: a focus on Research & Development, the capacity to innovative on products and production processes, and the use of advanced proprietary technologies. Prysmian is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange Blue Chip index.

Nexans installs a fibre-optic cable and provides rapid data transmission across Lake Constance

Paris, December 11, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has just completed a contract for Stadtwerke Konstanz Gmbh to lay a submarine fibre-optic cable across Lake Constance, providing a new ultra-fast data communication link between the German towns of Konstanz and Friedrichshafen.

Konstanz and Friedrichshafen are on opposite shores of Lake Constance, the large freshwater lake on the Rhine between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Stadwerke Konstanz, the local utility, wanted to upgrade the data communications link between the two towns, however laying the cable on land would have involved taking a long route around the lake with expensive excavation work. The direct route, with the cable laid on the lake bed, has proved more cost-effective.

The fibre-optic cable, weighing over 30 tonnes and 26 kilometres long, was manufactured and delivered by Nexans in one single continuous piece thus eliminating jointing operations. Beneath a robust outer sheath, it comprises four stainless steel sheathed bunched conductors, each consisting of 48 monomode fibre- optic cables. Each individual fibre is capable of ultra-quick transmission of large amounts of data, digital television signals and an almost unlimited number of telephone conversations.

Environmental protection

A condition for Nexans receiving the order was that the materials used in the construction of the cable must not harm the drinking water reservoir, as many towns and communities, right up to the northern border of Baden-Württemberg, procure their water from Lake Constance. Care also had to be taken to ensure that laying the cable would not harm any migratory or breeding birds, fish spawning grounds or plant growth near the river bank.

 Lake Constance fiber optic

Cable installation

The laying of the fibre-optic cable, which was manufactured in the Nexans factory at Rognan, Norway, proceeded without a hitch thanks to the in-depth planning and preparatory work. It was carried out by a converted passenger ferry that took just 13 hours to cover the route from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz. A GPS location system ensured that it remained in the correct location, while reference points on land were also used to monitor its precise position.
The laying process was managed by experts from Nexans in Norway who have extensive experience in working on the open sea, as large inland waters also present their own challenges. Lake Constance is up to 250 metres deep. This meant that the cable had to be lowered at a perfectly controlled speed to ensure a smooth landing on the lake bed. It required a special regulating device mounted on the ferry.

For this project, an international Nexans team was created with experts coming from Germany (Mönchengladbach), Norway and Switzerland to ensure the manufacturing, installation and connection of this fibre-optic cable.

Data transmission capacity for hire

Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH is now hiring out the data transmission capacity of the new fibre optic cable to customers such as internet carriers which offer high-speed internet access or companies which require a dedicated line. Initially, 144 of the 192 fibre optic cables will be put into service; the remaining cables will form the back up for future developments.