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  1. We are the commercial manager of the General Directorate of Electrical Energy Production in Nassiriyah / Iraq
    We need High voltage power cables type XLPE, underground, with the follwing specifications :
    Qty Specification of material
    22,36km 6KV power cable With copper cores, 3*70 mm2
    4,53km 6KV power cable With copper cores, 3*185 mm2
    2,80km Screened control cable 19*1.5mm2
    2,60km Screened control cable 27*1.5 mm2
    71pcs Cable joint element
    We wait your offer
    With best regards
    Commercial Manager
    Rabab H. Alshati

  2. sir,

    i want to make some investment in Saudi Arab.

    i have a big setup here in my Home Country Pakistan.

    i want to know or get contact with any iron and steel based company there who sponsor me for the business .

    i have the machinary and have lot of experiance about the iron and steel
    industry .

    my company is registered in chamber of commerce. its not listed company not registered in stock exchange.

    my contacts:

    0092-423-7630206 (fax)



  3. We SAGAR MACHINERY lIMITED is the manufacturer and supply of the following countries.We have got around 1000 customers in abroad and within India. We manufacture ans supply :
    1.DPC/DCC & Tapping Machinery Manufacture for Wire and Cable industries.It is of 2 line,3 line,4 lind,five line or of any number of lines with separate control switch and facility to load and unload automatically.Please feel free to call me after going through the Web site and speak to me on 0919426074177/0912652830255/0912652830905 .
    Thankiing you,kIRAN Patel.7.03.2011

  4. We are the manucafture of DPC/DCC and Tapping Machinery for Wire and Cable Industries.Please go through the Web site and feel free to call me .
    Kiran Patel

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