SACO Polymers launches advanced technology zero-halogen tray cable jacketing compound with enhanced fire performance to meet UL 1277

At the International Wire & Cable Symposium and Conference, SACO Polymers, a market leader in wire and cable polymer compound solutions, has showcased its latest development in ceramifiable compound technology, with a research paper and poster highlighting cost-savings and performance of the innovative material in tray cable jacketing applications.

Formulated to meet stringent UL 1277 tray cable standards with enhanced fire performance properties while preserving flexibility, the new ceramifiable compound extends the range of halogen free compounds, integrating this new technology now available from SACO Polymers. The new compound technology can also be used in other high performance cable applications.

The research paper presented by Zdenka B. Stryczek Ph.D. and David G. Roberts M.S. Chief Technology Officer, of SACO Polymers, at the IWCS conference. The paper described how a balance of fire performance, physical properties and cost savings can be be achieved, while also meeting stringent UL 1277 tray cable requirements. The paper and accompanying poster generated strong customer interest at the conference.

SACO Polymer

The poster illustrates the use of ceramifiable technology in compound formulation and the science behind strong char formation in cable jackets when exposed to fire. This innovative cost-saving technology may be applied to different cable constructions, where enhanced fire retardant properties, flexibility and fire resistance are required.

The full paper can be read here:

The poster illustrates the innovative ceramifiable compound technology developed at SACO Polymers, and its use in the UL 1277 tray cable application.  It won Best Poster Award at IWCS 2014.

This new ceramifiable technology offers the potential for expanded use in a range of high performance compounds under development at SACO Polymers. The technology is now being adapted to an industry-leading range of highly fire resistant halogen free materials within the SACO Group,  including SACO-Macromeric, Aurora, OH and AEI Compounds, Kent, England.

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