How the Silver Fox Endurance Modular ID System can save the Rail Industry Time and Money

Increasingly, the UK Rail industry as well as those in the Energy, Power, Data & Telecoms industries worldwide are discovering – and using – the Silver Fox® fast and flexible way of labeling pipes, valves, junction boxes and cable trays by using the Endurance® modular ID system.

Made by the UK-based Silver Fox®, these cable marking and labeling solutions encompass heat shrink cable markers (both standard and low-smoke zero-halogen (LS0H); 2-part cable markers; non-shrink cable markers; and wrap-around cable markers for permanent marking of LV-HV power, instrumentation cables and control.

The Endurance® Modular system was showcased at the recent Infrarail 2014 Expo in London as well as the hugely successful Rail Live 2014 event at Long Marston.

“Silver Fox® cable markers and cable labels provide fast, efficient and high quality identification of cables, optical fibres, wires, panels and low and high voltage electrical equipment in both safe and hazardous areas,” described Silver Fox’s CEO, Nick Michaelson.

“We are also happy to report” Nick added, “that Silver Fox® has most recently achieved approval from Network Rail, adding to our London Underground (LUL) approval.”

“The Silver Fox® Endurance® system can be used for a wide range of applications,” he continued. “The Modular ID system labels use black letters, available in 17mm and 30mm sizes – in two-part polypropylene and laminated PVC respectively – printed on a yellow background. Silver Fox® also provides black mounting strips in 1m (3.28ft) lengths for these cable markers to their customers. The cable markers and mounting strips – which are made from ultra-violet stabilised PVC material – are resistant to water, salt alkalis, mild acids, petroleum grease, aliphatic solvents and oils.

“Additionally, the 17mm raised characters remain legible even if they’re painted over!” Nick added. “Moreover, the 17mm size characters incorporate a slot through which a cable tie can be fed, providing customers with the option of either a rail or cable tie mounting.”

“Furthermore, all components of the Silver Fox® Endurance® modular ID system have been successfully tested to withstand temperatures of between 85 degrees Celsius and minus 45 degrees Celsius for over 1,000 hours. This substantial degree of durability ensures that will continue to function under difficult operating conditions and so reduces the need to go to the time and trouble of replacing them.” commented Nico Frame, Silver Fox’s Marketing Manager.

“We believe that it is vital for all Silver Fox® cable labels and cable markers to be tested carefully and thoroughly at MoD, UKAS-certified and independent recognised test laboratories in compliance with a number of different MIL and other standards. This ensures that in ‘real world’ conditions, they’ll perform well and, indeed, out-perform their rivals. It is this testing and forward thinking which allowed Silver Fox to gain Network Rail and London Underground approval,” Nico said. “And, of course, unless the specification states otherwise, in all tests carried out on its labels, Silver Fox® tests the finished, printed label – and not just the material on which it is printed. This is all part of our continuing resolve to ensure our customers profit from effective and innovative products, enabling them to use time productively, whilst also benefiting from high quality and durable solutions.”

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