AEI Compounds SX0620 provides safer, flexible solution for offshore and shipboard cables

AEI Compounds Limited UK, a leading supplier of polymer compounds for the International wire and cable industry, has announced the launch of its newly developed silane crosslinkable, oil resistant, halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) compound. SX0620 is a highly flexible, low smoke and fume sheathing compound for use in offshore, shipboard, industrial and railway cabling systems.

SX0620, which has been developed to meet the requirements of IEC 92-359 SHF2 and EN50264 EM104, ship and railway standards, answers a need for safe, low-smoke and fume cable sheathing material. In demanding environments such as those in shipboard, offshore (OPG) marine installations, its zero halogen content and fire retardant properties contribute to crew and passenger safety.

Paired with SX0612 or SX559 insulated conductors, SX0620 sheathed cables meet the highest fire retardant and oil resistance performance requirements while exhibiting rubber like flexibility and excellent cable surface finish.

SX0620 is also suitable for use in heavy industrial applications and hostile environments where abrasion resistance is required.

An NEK606 carbo-sea mud-resistant compound is currently under development.

Please contact AEI Compounds Ltd. with technical or commercial inquiries.