General Cable successfully completes the testing of Ultrol 60+ medium-voltage safety-related class 1E cables for Gen III+ and Gen II applications

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KENTUCKY, May 28, 2014 ― General Cable (NYSE: BGC) announced today that its ULTROL 60+ medium-voltage safety-related Class 1E 60-year-life cable has successfully completed third-party environmental qualification testing. With adherence to ASME NQA-1 and US NRC 10CFR50 Appendix B requirements, the completion of this extensive testing confirms conformance of ULTROL 60+ to advanced, passive GEN III+ and legacy 40-year reactor profiles.

Kinectrics (formerly Ontario Hydro Technologies), General Cable’s choice for testing and product qualification, has completed thermal and radiation aging and Design Basis Events (DBE) proving a 60+-year service life, including cable resistance to one-year submergence test in hot boric acid solution. This third-party testing demonstrates that General Cable’s ULTROL 60+ medium-voltage cables meet prior industry standards, as well as GEN III+ reactor profile requirements, and provides an independent check and balance to ensure data-integrity.

“Because every reactor design has a unique DBE profile, General Cable’s integrated test program was designed to prove that its cables could withstand the worst possible environment or outcome out of numerous possibilities. With documented performance at higher radiation and temperature levels, we are reasonably assured that ULTROL 60+ medium-voltage cables will perform their intended function under extreme environments.” said Koksal Tonyali, Ph.D., Director, Product Engineering and Development, Specialty Cables, General Cable North America.

With the verification of meeting the most rigorous GEN III+ reactor requirements for a 60-year operating life and beyond,

ULTROL 60+ medium-voltage cable is now fully ready to support the modernization and construction of pressurized and boiling water nuclear power plants worldwide.

> Completed AEIC aging tests for EPR insulation system

> 60+ years of life expectancy confirmed through Arrhenius aging tests for insulation core and jacket

> Exposure to gamma radiation of over 300 MRads total integrated dose (TID) or over 300 MRads TID of beta radiation

> Exceeds nuclear industry requirements for existing PWR and BWR facilities to IEEE 323 and 383 requirements

> Surpasses reactor manufacturer requirements for Design Basis Event (DBE) temperature and pressure profiles, including AP1000, APR1400, CAP1400, EPR, ESBWR, and ACR-1000®

> Exceeding one-year post-DBE submergence requirements of AP1000 reactor profile in hot boric acid solution

Remarking on the announcement, Robert W. Schuermann, Vice President and General Manager, Specialty Cables, for General Cable North America said: “The nuclear industry has been developing and improving reactor technology for more than five decades. Medium-voltage cables are a critical component to safe, ongoing nuclear power plant operation, and the required service life of 60 years extends to the cable. After significant compound profiling, lengthy ageing profiling, and AEIC certifications, General Cable can now meet the evolving industry requirements with an independently tested 60-year-life cable for medium-voltage containment and balance-of-plant applications.”

General Cable is a long-standing global nuclear cable supplier with nearly 40 years of uninterrupted service. ULTROL 60+ safety-related Class 1E and safety-significant non-Class 1E low- and medium-voltage wire and cable are uniquely positioned to meet the industry’s stringent requirements for safety, reliability and long-term performance. For technical or commercial inquiries regarding ULTROL 60+, contact us today at