Fiber Optic cable manufacturing in the US industry market research report now available from IBISWorld

On the whole, the Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing industry has benefited from a rise in demand for fiber optic networks and fiber optic cable. Consumers have increasingly demanded high-speed internet in their homes and on mobile devices, underpinning this trend. As a result, wireless carriers and cable providers are demanding fiber optic cable at increasing rates. The next five years will bring higher revenue growth to the industry. Consumer demand for high-speed internet on mobile devices will likely accelerate over the period, resulting in the widespread upgrade of wireless network services to compete for the consumer’s dollar. Manufacturers that have existing relationships with wireless carriers (or installers that contract with wireless carriers) will be in the strongest position going forward. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has added a report on the Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing industry to its growing industry report collection.

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