Top Cable Powerhard M RVMV-K, flexible armoured cables

Thanks to its flexible class 5 conductor, Top Cable’s Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cables make installations substantially easier.

The Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable, manufactured by Top Cable, has been built according to the IEC reference norms IEC 60502 and UNE 21123-2, with conductors made of electrolytic copper, flexible class 5, based on EN60228, XLPE insulation for RVMV-K or PVC for VVMV-K, PVC armour bedding, galvanised steel wire armour, helically placed over the separation sheath and a flexible black PVC outer sheath. This type of cable is manufactured in a unipolar and multi-conductor version. The unipolar cables (RVMAV-K type) use aluminium wires to reduce losses due to currents induced in the armour.


Powerhard cables are known for their great flexibility. Due to its flexible class 5 conductor, installation is substantially easier, comparing it to the rigid class 2 conductor type, what makes Powerhard cables highly suitable for difficult layouts. Given their ease of installation and extraordinary mechanical strength, they are the preferred choice of installers.


The Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable is highly versatile. Its minimum service temperature is -15ºC. The maximum temperature of the conductor is 90ºC and 70ºC, respectively. The maximum short-circuit temperature is 250ºC and 160ºC, respectively, for a maximum of 5 seconds. The bending radius is 10 times that of its external diameter. The design of the Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable makes it particularly suitable for explosion-proof installations, and ensures that a flame or fire will not be spread, that its impact resistance be AG4 (very strong). It is also water resistant AD7 (immersion) and has a good chemical resistance, as well as the possibility of being installed permanently in the open air.


In order to facilitate the availability of the product, Top Cable has this cable in immediate stock. For better control, this cable comes marked metre by metre. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable complies with the National / European norms UNE-EN 60332-1 / UNE-EN 60332-3 and the International Norm IEC 60332-1 / IEC 60332-3. HIGH


The design of this cable is particularly suitable for fixed installations subject to possible mechanical aggression.

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