40 per Cent Increase in Power Transmission Capacity between Finland and Sweden

For two major North European utilities ( Fingrid Oyj and Svenska Kraftnät ) LIOS Technology provided its  most advanced multimode Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems to monitor the HVDC subsea link between the two utility grids. The electricity transmission connection is crossing the Gulf of Bothnia between southern Finland and Sweden.

The Fenno-Skan 2 HVDC project creates a new 800 MW, 500 kV subsea electricity transmission connection following a 200 km route.

It forms a bipolar arrangement with the existing 550 MW, 400 kV Fenno-Skan link, commissioned in 1989, providing a 40 % increase in power transmission capacity between the two countries.

The DTS systems provide real time distributed temperature sensing of the HVDC interconnecting subsea cable and land cables on both sides ensuring a save and stable grid operation.

Source: LIOS Technology