Lapp delivers global cable and connection solutions

In today’s market in southern Africa, it is common that users look to the availability of a product that could solve an application, without thinking about any possible adverse effects that choice may have. When this product then gets used in the application, it can often reflect on the supplier as a product of inferior quality due to its limited life span. Coupled to this is an outcry for off-the-shelf solutions that will solve a problem immediately and not necessarily provide the best long-term benefit. At Lapp Group, we consider all the requirements pertinent to both immediate and long-term needs to provide our clients with the best package that incorporates all the aspects of a connection solution. Through this service we have created strategic divisions within the group to cater for the needs of our clients on a global basis. Our understanding of the needs in the local market then enables us to pass on these benefits in the relevant context required.

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