Cable Manufacturers and Distributors in Germany

Are you looking for an onshore cable manufacturer or distributor in Germany. At the we have the world leading database of cable manufacturers and distributors in the world?

Leoni Kerpen GmH
Kabel Wachter GmbH and Co.
HPM Kabel
Boger Electronics
Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH
Sab Brockskes GmbH and Co.KG
Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH and Co. KG

Please send any enquiry through to and we can find a supplier to service your order.

One thought on “Cable Manufacturers and Distributors in Germany”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a Pune(india) based business house engaged into Factory Automation.

    We are interested in securing distributorship/dealership for Electric cables of various categories. We look forward to haer from some
    German Cable Manufacturer in this regard.

    Kindly reply at

    B. Shirke
    Technosys Aitimation, Pune, India

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