Dekoron’s DEKABON – “An innovative, more environmentally friendly & a valuable alternative to Lead Sheath technology”

In Oil & Gas and most industrial environments a major problem is given by the permeability of Cable plastic sheaths to humidity and aggressive chemicals, organic ones such as hydrocarbons and solvents and inorganic ones such as acids and bases. Penetration of these elements to the core of the cable compromise its overall lifetime performance. A conventional cable core protection against above mentioned elements is generally achieved by applying a lead sheath.

Dekoron’s DEKABON’s cable constructions can be furnished with armouring options including served wire armour and interlock armour for additional physical protection.

The DEKABON technology is scalable and has been successfully applied to instrument , control & thermocouple extension cables. Already a preferred technology for replacement of lead sheath cables. Dekoron manufactured DEKABON technology has been in use by all major Oil Companies in their refineries and petrochemical facilities for over 25 years.

This product is now available in Australia for the Oil Refining and Petrochemical companies in particular to take advantage and achieve the longevity & reliability so critical to process & refining plants.


The DEKABON cable design is based on the use of the hermetically sealed patented copolymer coated Aluminum tape bonded to a patented polymer over-sheath.

The “bonded” or “laminate” construction is commonly called a “Chemical Moisture Barrier” (CMB) sheath.

Main Features Or Benefits

• Corrosion resistance: The co-polymer coating on the aluminum which forms a critical part of the bonded or laminate construction protects aluminum from chemical attack, prevents corrosion and provides extended service life versus bare metal sheaths. Instead, lead sheaths are subject to corrosion in acidic as well as alkaline environments.

• Mechanical properties: DEKABON technology, Co-polymer – Aluminum – Polymer Sheath, combines the properties of the different materials. Generates a synergistic effect where strength of shielding tape is bonded with flexible of polyethylene. Results: enhanced bend performance, increased crush impact And puncture resistance.

• Electrical properties: Aluminum tape provides an effect screen if properly grounded at termination.


Compared to conventional lead sheathed cables the DEKABON cable is relatively in-expensive. Additional economic benefits such as faster installation times, lower installation cost, lower cable accessories cost & lower transport cost. DEKABON cables also offer lighter weight, smaller diameters, and an environmentally safe alternative to lead sheated cables.

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