Optical Cable increases profit using Syspro ERP System

Syspro, a provider of ERP software, has that its customer Optical Cable, a manufacturer of fiber optic cables, credits Syspro technology deployment with contributing to the company’s recent operational success and improved profitability.

Since deploying 37 Syspro modules in 2004, Optical Cable executives say they are well positioned to grow sales, increase gross profit, and capitalize on major new business opportunities.

Optical Cable also utilizes a highly sophisticated scanning system for location tracking and transaction entry, replacing labor-intensive record keeping, and, at the same time, providing managers with real-time job and inventory tracking data to facilitate accurate decision-making.

Workers use handheld and base scanners to track inventory from the time raw materials are received through all phases of manufacturing and distribution. The scanners also utilize Syspro e.net components to process data to the Syspro ERP system in real-time.