Scapa Cable Solutions to exhibit at Wire 2008

Scapa Cable Solutions will be exhibiting their range of Cable Wrapping Tapes and Components at Wire 2008. This impressive range includes woven nylon and polyester semi-conducting core and conductor screening tapes, fire retardant glass tapes, insulative binding and bedding tapes as well as a full range of non-woven water-swellable tapes.

Resins, self amalgamating tapes, putties, mastics, PVC and PE tapes form the core of the components range used for cable jointing, terminating and repairing. Our products are widely used by cable manufacturers all over the World, and we welcome the opportunity to develop new products with our customers that will enhance their business.

Stand: Hall 10, Stand D75

Scapa Personnel on Stand:

Andrew McArdle Booker, Jonathan Forster, Marvin Hickman, Paul Bican, Martin Becker, Claude Broguiere, Roger Warwick, Mauro Dagna, Mauro Granaglia, Jean Philippe Dupont, Jayne Elliot

Range of Products:

Cable Wrapping Tapes – Semi-Conductive, Water-Swellable, Insulative, Fire Retardant, Bitumenised

Components – Resins, Self Amalgamating Tapes, Putties, PVC and PE tapes