German Cable Manufacturers and Distributors

Germany is certainly home of some of the world’s biggest and best cable manufacturers and distributors.  The likes of Corning, Leoni and Lapp Kabel are certainly all global leaders in their respective field.  Please find a list below of some of the companies we feature in the directory.



Baude Kabeltechnik Gmbh

Boger Electronics


Hpm Kabel


Kabel Wachter Gmbh And Co.


Lapp Kabel



Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke Gmbh And Co. Kg  

Sab Brockskes Gmbh And


If you would like to find out information on these companies, contact details, links to e-mails and web-sites.  Then please click the link below register for free and get access to these and over 6000 companies involved in the cable and wire industry across the world.

5 thoughts on “German Cable Manufacturers and Distributors”

  1. Dear All,

    We need category 6 UTP cable (awg23). Please kindly contact me if you can supply 80.000 m a month.


  2. Dear Sir,
    we introduce ourselves as supplier of Lapp Cables[german]
    let me know your address and contact nos.we are able to supply above cabel

  3. Dear Sir or madame,

    Anybody can supply this cable type : Li-2YY(Z)Y 4X10X0,5 Kf 30 gr.

    Kindly contact me.

  4. Good day,

    Could you kindly furnish us with a proforma invoice for the supply of the following cables
    1. 30,000metres of CU/XLPE/AWA 1C x 185mm2 (cable (0.6/1.0 kV)
    2. 28,500metres of CU/XLPE/AWA 1C x 240mm2 (cable (0.6/1.0 kV)
    3. 87,000metres of CU/XLPE/AWA 1C x 300mm2 (cable (0.6/1.0 kV)
    4. 5,000metres each of CU/XLPE/SWA 4Cx150mm2, CU/XLPE/SWA 4Cx70mm2, CU/XLPE/SWA 4Cx50mm2, CU/XLPE./SWA 4Cx25mm2
    5. 4,000metres each of 6.6kV CU/XLPE/SWA 3Cx70mm2, 6.6kV CU/XLPE/SWA 4Cx95mm2
    6. 6,500metres each of XLPE 2Cx4mm2, XLPE 2Cx6mm2, XLPE 3Cx4mm2, XLPE 3Cx6mm2, XLPE 3Cx50mm2
    7. 3,200metres each of XLPE 4Cx4mm2, XLPE 4Cx6mm2, XLPE 4Cx10mm2, XLPE 4Cx16mm2, XLPE 4Cx25mm2, XLPE 4Cx35mm2
    8. Power cable 33KV CU/XLPE/AWA 1Cx240mm2.

    Expecting your response soon.


    Adeoye R.

  5. My name is Pat Lin, and I represent Shen Tai Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
    We are the largest ISO9001 cable manufacturer in Taiwan, and we have the most competitive price and quality in UL Shielded Control cable.

    PVC Control Cable 600V

    Size : 1.25mm2~8mm2
    Core : 2C~125C
    Color code for 1C~4C
    Number code for more than 4C

    Conductor : Soft bare or tinned copper
    Insulation : PVC,PE,XLPE,RoHS
    Jacket : PVC,PE,LSFH,ROHS
    Rated : 60C~105C
    Rated Voltage : 600V
    Standard : CNS4898,UL,CSA,CE
    Application : Circuit control of instrument or automation system

    We also produce variety of special cables, including Welding cable,
    Instrumentation cable,Control cable,Shield cable,Crane lift cable,
    Compound cable and any kinds of special wires

    Feel free to contact me any time for any inquiry,thank you!

    Pat Lin

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