Reka Kaapeli News – Reka´s cables carry power to the Cavern of Olkiluoto

As Finland’s leading Cable Manufacturer this is a very interesting article about Reka’s Technoclogy being used for the disposal for nuclear waste:Reka´s cables carry power to the Cavern of Olkiluoto


Stringent requirements for electric cable at the final disposal site for nuclear wastes. Posiva Oy has a massive project “Onkalo” in progress at Olkiluoto in Eurajoki, Finland. The structures hold a final disposal site for nuclear wastes at a depth of hundreds of metres. Rauman Sähköpalvelu received the task to construct the electric input system at Onkalo. They chose SLO as their partner and Reka Kaapeli as their cable supplier. The project standard is extremely rigorous, because Onkalo will become part of a massive nuclear facility when it is completed.


Reka Kaapeli has supplied Posiva’s Onkalo worksite with halogen-free medium voltage cables and fireproof Flamerex cables. The first-stage deliveries are continuing into 2007. In the event of fire, the cables inside the cavern should be non-toxic, and their smoke formation should be as minimal as possible. “Finnish origin, the quality of the products, durability and fixed prices made us choose Reka as the cable supplier for the project, ” Rauman Sähköpalvelu’s Lassi Jalonen explains. “In such a demanding project, it’s important that handling all the red tape is easy and can be handled in Finnish. The deliveries have been on time and flexibility’s been available when needed. It’s a good idea to continue with the approved products also during the project’s subsequent stages,” Lassi Jalonen adds.


Particularly precise quality requirements

Precise quality requirements are specified for the project products. For every product, an itemized certificate concerning the materials utilized, information about the production lot and the origins of the product are required. Only on the basis of these aspects can the company, together with its products, be approved as a supplier.


The demands for the machines and equipment used on the worksite are also particularly rigorous. In addition, model installations must be completed with respect to all working stages as well as the written project descriptions prior to initiating the work. Safety is taken into account on the worksite in a highly stringent manner and is given emphasis in every way.


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